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  1. Originally Posted By: Seaweed Once you pass through the Secret Tunnel, all sense of mystique is gone. This is what killed it for me. So the other games made more sence, I played through it, and I do not inted to repeat. The whole waiting to use canisters is what finished it for me. The fact that you could kill an army of NPC Guardians with one Aura of flames whilst the Human guards take longer, really didn't help the gameflow. Other than that the story was good. G4>G3>G1>G5>G2
  2. I played G3, recently. My trick was I just walked through every zone until I found them, instead of jumping past them as you usally do. And thank you.
  3. Swampy Shore, Methane Swamp, Roamer Marsh.
  4. A note for Rhakkus, it is ineed a poison vat, but you must make sure he stands near it for full affect.
  5. Not sure exactly about the first game but in others it Increases your resistance to anything by 1% each level, I think it increase dodge chance by 2%. No idea about special ecnounters but may effect drops.
  6. G5, playing as the Shocktrooper with an aletered graphic allowed you to play as a drakon.
  7. Side note, is it normal for a level 21 angent to have 11 Battle Magic and 6 spellcraft? I Think I would have had that around level 13ish. Or am I mixing the games?
  8. There is 'A' single creation you can get without a canister. Thats also 'A' single level of that creation.
  9. If Artificial limbs are that godd, why would anyone have regular ones? Hence no Ordianry olympics and only Disabled olympics. Then when Disabled Olympics is the norm we are right back to square one.
  10. Rotdhizons!! Everytime. They have 12AP, have tonnes of Hp, completly Immune to Acid and Poison, Inflict Acid, Inflict Poison upon death, do a fair amount of damage, and sometimes get a quick action second swing. I love those things. However, they suck against magic damage. Wingbolts and Kyshakks kill them. Gazers however arn't a problem.
  11. Its not a drop, its in a container hiding at the far end of the base. You can get it by running past everyone without a fight.
  12. The thing is if you can pump int before Mekhan and the Geneforge are used you will save skill points as it raises the skill for free but counts as being trained in it. So if you pumped everything else and not Int then you get about 8 free skill points. Pump int then you get about 15 free skill points. Its a case of short term loss, long term gain. And having a hoard of creations is not entierly risky.
  13. Originally Posted By: ValkonX11 Originally Posted By: Hypnotic GIFTS as Gifts? Somewhere in the game? Open a box and Hello... No, GIFTS as in... Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders I know that. I meant, Imagine if the GIFTS were gifts as in presents. A nice pun I thought.
  14. If you are one of the people that can keep their creations alive, then no. If you like the "Burning" creations that are powerful but die quickly, then yes. If you want to make an Eyebeast that will dominate the game yes. Each point you put into shaping increases the creations level when you shape it. Which means more Hp and every second level, +Int, End, Str and Dex. Really it comesa down to your play style, I personally would get to 7 then boot healing and blessing magic to support my creations.
  15. The best way to pump int as at the start. Put EVERY point at the start into Int. Betray Mekhan for +Int, it has no long lasting effects. Then use the Geneforge. By the time you leave the Whitespires you should have 20Int without artifacts. Creations are key for keeping you alive at this stage. Then later with the right gear you will easily have 25ish Int. More or less deping on how Quantity vs Quality you are. Doing things this way saves you a couple of levels of skill points.
  16. Every class should try have 20 Int by the end game. Shapers mabey 25.
  17. I have a feeling that like Geneforge you will be able to work for most if not all the factions. Hopefully there will be less powergameing options. I.e your actions actually have consequences, so you must stick with what you've done. That came out well in G3 and G4. GIFTS as Gifts? Somewhere in the game? Open a box and Hello...
  18. Hypnotic

    Odd weather...

    Prediced "Dry" winter, large parts of the country are flooded, the rain has been near constant with only hours of sun at a time for the past 9 days. This hasn't happened in years.
  19. If you want to do a no canister play through for whatever reason, you'd be best as a Guardian, you can still shape (But only 1 creature), and still have good Meele. I don't think the endings change, just dialog within the game at certain points.
  20. Definitly! Although he is more like the inspiring Khyryk of G3, not the watered-down Khyryk of G4.
  21. When hiding from GIFTS. Or more appropiatly Unbound. Glowing in the dark would suck for Hide and seek, but awesome for spotlight.
  22. I love them. I'm a lurker now, but am always interested in seeing how Geneforge stories turn out.
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