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  1. Ok so thanks for the help and I appreciate that you can't give me the walkthrough. That just means I'll have to keep pestering you for help on this thread! Basically, I've explored the whole map now but I'm not sure how to progress with the main storyline. It's probably my fault for not saying the right things to the right people but I am a bit stuck now. I'm a bit worried that in the Forest Tower, I killed Dame Alana without realising. I've since spoken to her in Dosquet (despite having killed her!) and she thanked me for rescuing her from the tower but didn't give me much useful in
  2. Well you're right, I've been through the tower a few times now to train and dump gear in the basement. One of my characters now has 46 points so next level I'll finally sanctify it and complete the mission. I've been trying to resist the temptation of editing my party but I'm nearly there so I think I'll wait. A walkthrough would be brilliant actually, I was trying to find one online but couldn't. At the moment it seems like I'm wondering around pretty aimlessly and I'm not sure how to complete the mini-missions I have been given. So a link to your walkthrough would be great. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm through the tower now and I'll come back when I have enough Spell points to sanctify. It does seem daft to ask you to sanctify on the first mission though. Oh well thanks again. Alex
  4. Do I have to sanctify the evil altar? This might make sense but it's the first mission of the scenario and the spell costs 50 points.
  5. If anyone can remember playing this scenario and can help I would appreciate it. I want to know how you can destroy the tower blocking the forest path at the beginning of the scenario. I've killed everyone in it but can't destroy it. Anyone know how?
  6. Oh. Thanks for the help they must have started on 39 I can't believe i didn't realise. Started each of them with level 4 on priest and mage. Thanks.
  7. Is there a cap on the amount of spell points a character can gain from increasing levels? My characters have stalled on 39 points for the last few levels is there anything I can do to make them increase with each level up? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Brilliant thanks for that. At least there's not some unknown way to get higher HP gains it's just random. Thanks for the help.
  9. So i'm a relative novice and was just wondering what determines how much HP a character gains each time they level up. I understand strength has a lot to do with it but have noticed characters on equal strength gain different amounts of HP. Thanks for your help, Alex.
  10. Thanks so much for the help and sorry for not replying sooner but have been on holiday. Have moved forward significantly but need more help please! Okay... 1) The mages guild initiation has coordinates 117, 262 at the entrance to the cave. How do i do it? 2) William Dawson; I speak to the guard and get access to the cells but Dawson is not there?! Where is he? 3) Thanks for the help finding glowing nettle; do you know where i can get Asptongue mold? 4) How do i sort out the problem in the mine in Lancaster with the zombies? I suppose that's enough for now Again, any help m
  11. Please someone help me i've reached a dead end in this scenario and have several questions; 1) How do you complete the mage initiation test ie. how do you reach the door in the corner i've used dispel field to no avail. 2) How do you give the slith map to the priest guild i got the map from the Slithzeraki but she keeps asking for it even though it is in my inventory!!! 3) How do i find william dawson; where is he he's not in cells or exercise yard 4) How do i find glowing nettle; is it in the treehouse? I need this for the alchemists guild! 5) How do i get the sapphire necklace from
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