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  1. Heh, that's odd. Because the one you see is just one of the diagonal swords rotated.
  2. Fantastic, those wall graphics will save me a LOT of time. I think I'll still go with my floor (basically just a rehued stone floor pictured above). Do you think having vastly different graphic sets for different animals would detract from the scenario? For example if I used a bunch like the one above, and then a bunch from the ones linked by Celtic. And yes, it is a squirrel. Made it by resizing a huge image and cutting off un-needed parts.
  3. I have a decent amount of spare time recently (taking one class this summer), so I've been working on a BoE scenario for my personal amusement lately. The setting will be based on the Redwall series by Brian Jaques, but won't be following any specific tale he's come up with so far. I'm looking for some decent graphics for the scenario, so I don't have to make them myself(I cannot draw anything more advanced then a stick figure, so I'd be resizing hueg internet pictures). Understandably, 28x36pixel sized pictures of rats standing on their hind legs wielding swords are relatively hard to
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