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  1. well... i hadn't too much time as I had to study. Graphics are here http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/6213/graph.png some are remakes, some not mine, and some.... new ^^ any comments & suggestions ? I'd be glad for advices and I have one problem I'm stuck with "sdf" ect. Just got five "missions". And I dunno how to make it. I wan't to make it so: mission one: display dialogue if already displayed dialogue, dont do anythin if mission done, jump to next mission and display mission 2 dialogue... uh oh, i made dialogues but stuck with technic cr
  2. copper based blood? hahaah or maybe blood based on mud? Or orcish blood contains chlorophyll? Yea The problem is, their blood stains will be still red, until I made them demons undead or sth else (no humanoids nor beasts) Hmmm... but... Does the bug-type creatures have the green slime-type blood stain?
  3. @Thaluikhain Thanks for ideas, maybe I'll make use of them Quote: if they are from somewhere else, they might have some really weird animals over there that they might turn into, something not seen in Exile or the Empire. Umm... yep, but what animals they could have? Giant ants? Octopuses? Demonic fiends? Dragons? Camels? Heheh... ^^ Or just maybe anything they find and "tame", like wolves worgs bears and ursags? (unseen in exile/empire would be bear-riders or sth like that ) Quote: Sliths turning into reptile beasts sounds cool, though when you think of
  4. well. I didn't meant to sound racist. My "inglish" is just a [censored] ;/ I meant, orcs could be green, because they are from another world? And that example with niggers, I know it was bad... @Thaluikhalin I'm still thinking about some aspects. For "plague" I think it would be semi-localized. Not spreaded over all world, but... "mess starts in forgotten empire province, where the orcs opens their portal. Portal to so called "promised world" Depending on the action, plague may spread somewhere else (ex. some part of valorim), or even spread on the whole world aft
  5. Well... I've made some levels, plot, graphic, ect. Now, I'm stuck with monsters. Or with their one aspect- stats. I've made some weaker ones. But still need the average, not too hard ones. And I'm searching for any help with it. Mainly, advices or ready stats for monsters. Magic using monsters aren't so tough to make, but the "non magic" ones... ow they have to be balanced. Let's say, my scenario is for "brand new" party, with "Classic" items obtainable, like stone-to-iron knife-to-halberd ones...
  6. hmm... maybe. Already made like 5% of it. And I'm goin holidays for 2 weeks ;] Who knows if after that I will get back to work? :D:D lol
  7. yeah, there's no need... but good to know what the limits are, because if someone is going to make BIIIG scenario, knowing the limits may help in planning (now I know that I have so big limits, that I don't have to worry about) I just loved At the Gallows, and I think of makin somethin like that - just a big scenario, with lot to do, but one main difference - completly non-linear, except few moments. NO! Of course not non-linear ending! And no one ending! I think about multiple endings, depending on players decision (first possible ending is to "retreat" which gives sad, "game-over-lik
  8. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Please don't put 200 towns and 1000 custom graphics in your first scenario. who says im gonna put maximum? I just ask. I'm just curious. And one question: If a scenario gonna be good piece of work, do I still have to worry about towns and graphics? There are many aspects why I would use many towns: for example, a specific battle would be just town (one-use only) - for example - thick forest with traps, or front line among soldiers, against enemy horde... Not every first scenario must be a [censored], and if it's solid-tested, it shouldn't have bugs and fau
  9. ok so I'll make list of already used flags 3 questions: 1) Can I use one flag multiple times? For example, my flag 1,0 will be "special spell" flag, and from this will depend if certain monster will cast special spells or not. And as it is basically set as 0, I would change it again to 0, after party leave town... just to have this flag for further use. ?? 2) how many flags are possible to use? 3) is there any good tutorial how those flags works and what cool things i can do with em?
  10. uhm... any tutorial with flags please? ok, ill do one time txt msg with sdf. but what i have to do, to avoid messing flags? is there any list of flags ive already used?
  11. ok, another question. How to make a room description that work only one time, and no more? I used "one time display text message", but its not working ;/
  12. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Almost. You need two adjacent inaccessible spaces – one to teleport to and one that's a stairway. isn't it possibile with ONE inaccesible space? I mean, for example, x=5 y=6 Teleport is set to: x5 y6 and on x5 y6, where teleport leads, is a stairway... I ask that, because i want to move party into dungeon immediately after the conversation with npc (or, after he agrees to take the party for a hunt)
  13. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel [*]When talking, he tells you to step into the portal that he has created. The response calls a special node that changes an ordinary cave floor (or indoor floor) space nearby into a portal. Does that make sense? I think not... The character who will "teleport" party, is non-mage. He is just guide who leads party into another dungeon, so creating a portal is bad idea... but... hm. One non-accesible square in town, which will "stairway" party into the second town? And when party talk to that guy, he will "teleport" party on that unaccesible squ
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