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  1. It seems this was a problem with wine, not Geneforge. On someone else's advice, I reinstalled wine, and I'm asked on startup what resolution to use now, after getting rid of the .dat file suggested above. Sorry for the bother.
  2. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus The more graphically demanding games that you've run on this system probably used DirectX. Geneforge 5 uses OpenGL which, in general, doesn't work well in Windows. You could try using the DirectX version of Geneforge 5: Geneforge 5 DX.exe instead of Geneforge 5.exe .
  3. Removing that file doesn't seem to help, though. Let me see if I can make it clear what happens, for those who don't know anything about wine: When I install a Windows program using wine, it is installed to "/home/xxxxme/.wine/drive_c/Program Files" (by default, Geneforge 5 would be installed in "/home/xxxxme/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Spiderweb Software/Geneforge 5"). The "registry" is in the files "/home/xxxxme/.wine/*.reg". wine puts things for "My Documents" in "/home/xxxxme/.wine/drive_c/Documents" (this is custom). I've deleted the whole Spiderweb Software directory (I ha
  4. Ah, I found the file now; I just wasn't looking in the right place. Thanks.
  5. I can see from my hard drive search results that that's how they did it in 1-3. I have 4 installed as well, though, and don't see a .dat file that looks like it's related to either that or Geneforge 5. On the other hand, the only things related to Geneforge 5 that I found in the registry are for the uninstaller. I guess if I have to, I can just create a new wine folder and move everything I have installed under wine there. When I tried that with just Geneforge 5 earlier, I was asked what resolution to use at startup.
  6. I'm running Geneforge 5 (Windows version 1.0.2) on Linux under wine. It ran fine until I chose to have the screen resolution saved. Now it starts up with a black screen and no sound. According to appdb.winehq.org, other people have had this problem. The workaround is not to save the resolution setting. Where are Geneforge 5's settings stored? I can't change them in the game, as I can't start it up. No, rebooting doesn't help. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program apparently doesn't get rid of the settings, either. I've deleted the Spiderweb Software folder where I told win
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