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  1. How many times can you train each ability per character (umm, two, right?), and which abilities can't be trained above ten (or their respective max level) if you use a trainer before investing all skill points you can in it?
  2. Does the or less mean you can't have any more CL than the stated amount if you want to get the cache, or does it (I hope) mean something else?
  3. Thank you, I found it. It was under my documents, spiderweb, avernum 6 saved games. Something like that. I found it using the search files application...none the less, thank you. I now have the code for my game (which helps cause for avernum 4-6 I lost the CDs or CD. I lost it really soon after I got it, but I think it was one disk.) Again, thanks. Now,I just have to send the code in. Also, I now know how to unhide files and have a folder set up for new games.
  4. Okay, when I click on avernum 6 files what I see are avernum 6 sounds, graphics, graphics core, graphics pc, scripts and AV6scendata.dat. That last one is the only one with a dat ending right after clicking avernum 6 files. I have it installed in computer, OS (C:), program files (x86), spiderweb software. Thats just where it automatically installed. If that, um, helps. I'm not really a computer person. My opersting system is... windows 7 home premium. The sticker on my computer calls it WIN7 Premium. I really should have noticed the sticker before turning my computer off.
  5. Thank you for the info, and thank you spiderweb software for the great cutomer support. The avernum 6 issue is a registration code of zero. I'm suppose to delete the avernum6settings file. I can find no such file. I open the files by right clicking the shourtcut and clicking open file location. If anyone is so inclined to guide me through where to find what to delete, please, please, do. Or give me the exact file name...if what I have there and can't find isn't it...I'm more than willing to click every avernum 6 file if I'm positive of the exac file name of what to delete.
  6. Geneforge 2 won't install. Geneforege 3 won't. Geneforge 4 won't install. Geneforge 5 gives me error 1045. And thus won't install.I'm trying all of these from the disks I have. On this computer, I have the demo versions of 2-5. This is not the computer I got the games on, its my laptop. The entire issue is I'm trying to get it so I can play them on my newly moused laptop...hmm, just checked. On my main computer, I only have geneforge 2 and 3. Now, I'm concerned because overall this means I can't play 4 and 5. And I didn't check if 2 and 3 were demo versions. Why they would be, I don't kn
  7. How many dealesrs are there, can I kill the one in the underground city? (He stopped giving moi exp).
  8. What herbs do ou need for knowledge brews?
  9. Good, or else I'd be majorly confused.
  10. Another quick question. I made custom characters at the start, do initial invesment in points in a skill before the game starts count towards not being able to train?
  11. Umm, i'm running into this person, is he useful for anything? What do you do when you find him, just kill him (I don't have any quest in relation to him).
  12. So...it's one use...but it looked so cool...I like bows, I like bows, I likes bows, now I just need to repeat that 1000 more times 'till I believe it. *sigh*...thank you, although now I have not viable reason to steal the razordisk... next question; those skribbane addicts digging in a secret tunnel west of amalia(?), is there any harm in killing them? Edit: I just looked at the last three grouping of posts here. It's all you answering my questions. I think we can save room by putting this all into one post each when I'm done asking questions...
  13. Umm, last question for the time being; what type of weapon is a razordisk? Knife, polearm, thrown, bow, ect...I can cross out number 2 myself. And thx for yet another answer. P.S. Considering stealing razordisk in castle from alien thingy real early on. It its a bow type weapon, I'm taking it for my nephil.
  14. Okay, easy solution, put my current 'good hand' weapon in that slot, heavy one where it used to be. In other words, I really coulda thought of that sooner...oh, btw, I have another question in that skribbane topic. I refugee got killed, plz go look. And thx for this answer. P.S. I'm not ashamed of begging. More so since I've being asking questions all day, and never have they not been answered, and I've had to say thank-you about ten times today. I also had to add; I find this funny, being left handed I'm happy I can use the left hand of my character (finally, its one of the first things
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