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  1. Never really liked the games before Geneforge 1 and Avernum 4 as much. Geneforge was my first Spiderweb game. The old engine never particularly caught my fancy. I enjoyed the demos, but not enough to buy the full versions. Didn't like the mechanics as much. Never tried Exiles though. Should I? Are they still worth it?
  2. sounds cool, but i don't have an iphone I was really looking for something for a mac. And yes, i've played Nethergate. forgot about that one
  3. As jeff says on his blog post, its impossible to know exactly because of massive pirating.
  4. I have played all the Geneforges and Avernums, and am eagerly awaiting Avadon. Until then, I was wondering if anyone could point me towards other games, that are similar in nature. I tried Eschalon, but found the control scheme so frustrating and annoying that I could not play it.
  5. In Geneforge 2 I have a shielding knife that I don't want to use. However, it has a +4 armor bonus. Will I get that bonus only if equipped, or even if it is just in my pack? Also, right above where it says +4 armor, it says "unused" It says this whether it is equipped or not. what does this mean?
  6. Originally Posted By: Doctor J Geneforge does not tell you the value of an item until *after* you have hauled it to the store. You can quickly figure out which regular items have value and only pick those up. Also, unique items are generally valuable.
  7. The lever in the southeast room should open it. You might have to talk to kss-urg first though.
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