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  1. I love both games. The thing I like about both is the focus on setting, a unique world for the game to take place in. Splicer maddness and canister maddness are pretty similar, to think of it. Plus genetic engineering is AWESOME. I'm waiting for the day I can get a dog with an electric eel's electric organ inside. Shock Attack Dog!
  2. off topic! all of you! :-) Whether or not the normal classes from the normal sourcebooks are unbalanced is indeed debate worthy, but the original discussion was whether a Shaper could be made less unbalanced than they are.
  3. I like the idea of extending the astral construct and the metacreativity specialist in general. that would at least give you a balanced starting point. the extra attack from construct menu B = plated clawbug. So the shaper would mechanically be a psion with the ability to permanantly shape a creation, and a slightly different spell selection and skills. Just change power points to essence, screw spell energy, change psionic, metaphysical, and ectoplasmic to living, shaped, and essence. but having a separate lifecrafter class would also be cool. so like he said, if you have these two big beefy
  4. In 4e speak, i'd say the Shaper would be a leader type, but with some controller leanings due to the creations. you'd probably have to give him a fairly limited selection of spells, and with the limited essence pool you'll probably be attacking with a thorn baton a lot. I agree w/ trinity. If you want the world's most pimped out kyshaak, that'll cost you most of your essence, but you could have three or four weak throwaway fyoras/thahds. I think that you'd have to make sure that the creations are good at their one specialty. Like you'd probably have to take most of the killing power out o
  5. I figure you could probably make it work balanced like by cleverly pasting together the artificer and psion. use the mechanics of constructs for creations for the most part, and use psion power points for essence, keeping costs under control, but change the actual spells you can cast (psions don't have nearly the proper number of acid spells). I think making both spell energy and essence would overcomplicate things.
  6. where could I find this? I'd like to see it and i've been searching the net.
  7. Has anyone thought of this or made one? Cause playing a Shaper would be freaking sweet.
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