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  1. Okay, I'll admit it - I spent some points on mechanics. But it was actually a wise move, because with the 2 extra points, I had the exact number of living tools to unlock the door to get the general's sword. By the way, I'm on donald's isle right now, and actually took care of a pack of battle alphas and glahhks with my 7 vlish. However, this only happened once.
  2. That makes sense. Right now, I have 3 vlish, as well as some leltover essence for healing and blessing.
  3. Well, thank you for the answers. Now I'm going to get leadership and mechanics up, as I already have magic shaping at 10, and should be able to survive a while with 2 vlish but really need more of those two stats, but start pumping int. right after I get them both to six, and maybe add a few points in magic to cast stronger spells. Is this a good plan?
  4. Well, I finished the first island, but I have a new question: how do I get enough money to get create vlish? I think it costs 1 thousand 2 hundred something coins, and I have 8 hundred something coins.
  5. Okay, I finally got create artila. The turrets in the first test in the training grounds were somehow easy, but the second one provided a great deal of challenge, and I probably couldn't beat it until I remembered my icy crystals and used five of them. I didn't even think of the thahd in the third combat test, as it could bless, shield, and even worst of all, heal itself, and with everyone except me and Greta dead and 5 out of 7 icy crystals already used in the cyora/fyora fight, my chances of defeating him was 0%. I sneaked past the thahd in the other test instead, which was the easiest part
  6. Well, I started a new shaper, this time on torment. Like slartucker said, I'll get magic shaping to 10, then pump int. But how am I supposed to survive before I get to create artila? I need a lot of help, but this need should wear down soon when I get create artila.
  7. What's abusing save-and-reload?
  8. How am I supposed to get through the combat tests with a single fyora?
  9. Well, I started out rough, but turned out good. I'm actually not going torment, as it seems to be impossible to get to the training grounds pumping only magic shaping, even with a fyora for backup. I also started out pumping leadership and mechanics, so I could get through the tests in the training grounds. Right now, I have 6 leadership, 8 mechanics, and 4 magic shaping. I also added a point in int so I had enough essence to add 2 points in int for both of my artilas. Now what should I do?
  10. I'm going to start a new build in geneforge 3 based on the broken vlish analysis. Compared to what the topic says, the game is extremely easy with a bunch of vlish, and shapers combined with vlish in geneforge 3 are so powerful, you rarely need buffs. I'm going to try a game like this, but what do I do first?
  11. I meant we should list the more valuable items, like those with a value of more then 20, or pods. On greenwood island, you can't be picky, but the minimum value limit is raised over time.
  12. I think it would be useful if we could list areas where we could go while creation stealing - in other words putting our creations where there are items that aren't ours and then going somewhere nobody is located, then having our creations steal the items. These locations, like already said, can't have anybody nearby. We should list what items are worthwhile stealing in the area and where we should go while they are being stolen. For example: South end items: Some living tools, a crystal, bolts of cloth, and an iron shield in hinman's shop. Some shaper equipment and an essence pod in cinder'
  13. Just put the creation in a room, press the g button, and get the items that say not yours. Just make sure there isn't anyone near you. Nevermind, somebody beat me to it.
  14. Okay, sorry I haven't posted for so long. I think I found a bug, and it says the error number is 11. It ocurres when I try to save my scenario, and it will not save. Does anyone know what this is?
  15. Okay, I decided to replace my lifecrafter for an infilterator. I will be a powergamer, and I am actually done with about half of chapter 2. I want to make an artifact soon, as I have just defeated the parasitic shade completely solo. I augmented, hasted, and repeat blessed/shielded myself during the fight, and now have this equipped: Fyoraskin Cloak Heavy Chitin Armor Girdle of Strength Steel Broadsword Shielding Band Clawbug Carpace Carnelian Gloves Swamp Pants Nimble Sandals I also have a coated cloak and polar fur cloak for when I'm faced with energy or cold, respectivel
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