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  1. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel ...Isn't that exactly what I suggested in the second post? What!? You did? O_o
  2. OMG! I fixed the problem, and you won't believe this! I put 256 colors off.... DONE (please lock this)
  3. Let me tell you the story, i was changing a bit of the graphics it was fine, then i stopped playing exile 2 for a while (Because i finished the demo) and like a month later i start playing again (to make a video on my game fan site) and then when i play it starts to look weird, so i reinstall it, and still have the weird graphics.
  4. My exile 2 graphics is messed up, the town walls look more blue and look like a floor, the water as some pink it it, my event bar (as i call it) instead of being white its blue. Please please help, and yes i do have 265 colors on or whatever it is.... D:
  5. I hate the 2d editor i dont even know what is the wall!
  6. Nicholas


    well at least blades of exile there is a free full version. and slith nice BoA website.
  7. Nicholas


    so really, no point on making a scenario. DAM! now i have to stick to blades of exile. ):
  8. Ishad i think im using using that editor already. Edit: i should not even bother if i cant test a scenario.
  9. Ok. i downloaded the editor but i missing image 2000 and warriors grove?!?!?!?!
  10. i use windows the cave floor graphic looked like gray with white spots.
  11. I downloaded, but cant find the thing that opens the editor! ):
  12. i once download it from over 1000 games for windows, but i lost it! I want those graphics!
  13. can some one give me a screen shot please. (exile 2 please)
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