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  1. From what has been said by Jeff, the 64-bit version work up to 8.2, but something in the 8.3 update broke it. His reason for why the old ones still work is because the 32-bit APIs were frozen and not updated. Jeff has also stated that he does not have the time or incentive to redo the engine to make it work.
  2. I'd just like to point out that the early MacOS had some nasty "features" too, but even back then Apple dropped support to fix them (anyone remember "32-bit clean"?)
  3. The version of windows that stops supporting 32-bit, if it comes anytime soon will be the version no corporation will buy. Jeff has it right that windows is so popular with business because of backwards compatibility. Up until last year, nearly every ATM in the U.S. Was still using XP. Where I work we still run some software (used to control equipment) made over 20 years ago that runs just fine under windows 7 still. If we look at Apple and the Mac over that time we've had 68k to PPC (nearly seemless) Classic to OSX (terrible when it first came out) then PPC to Intel (reasonable until 10.7) There is no reasonable way to run old software Apple software in any actually productive way. I personally got sick of all the upheavals with the drop of PPC, figuring that if I have to get x86, to get something that doesn't drop all support of everything developed every so often.
  4. So we finally got a reason for why the old Apps still work and the new ones don't. Things like this make me glad I switched my computers away from Apple (For me it was first the switch to OSX making everything I had obsolete, then once I got everything settled in, PPC was ousted). Almost makes me regret going for iOS on my mobile devices if Apple is going to keep doing this every few years. This is one thing that Microsoft did get right: backwards compatablility. Other than 16-bit programs not working on 64-bit OSes (even then, DOSbox or VMware takes care of that), I've been able to get every old game I've wanted to play to work under Windows7 with a few tweaks.
  5. I think it's better since characters aren't one trick ponies, and there's no single strongest build or party to use, resulting in more experimentation and diversity in parties and character builds. The higher level plus knowledge potions mean that there are variable numbers of skill points so that a fixed build really doesn't mean anything. I'll still go back to A1-3 to try something new every once in awhile. While after only two games of A:EftP, I feel like I've played everything there is to try.
  6. I simply liked having my mage/priests double as backup archers. Sure they didn't do tons of damage, but they could conserve mana for big fights without being useless against weaker ones. Plus the lack of perquisites for skills meant more open builds.
  7. So I throughly enjoyed rimelands, but beat it already. I have to recommend it for anyone to try, but I need something more!
  8. Unless you're specifically looking for one games (which you could google search to find out if it's available), the App Store isn't any good for browsing. All it seems to show is free to play or ad supported casual apps. I've never found anything good worth playing browsing the App Store, I always have either ended up on review sites or asking people about games (hence this thread).
  9. I try to find out all I can to try to build a "perfect" party or character. I find a lot of fun in crunching numbers, testing builds and fiddling with equations to maximize effects. I like the fact that a lot of games said web have a character editor or respeC options to allow me to do so. Plus extra replay options to run through with several different builds. I end up knowing far too much about the games, and sometimes have spent more time designing and testing than actually playing, especially after I've beaten a game once (I've beaten both Baldurs gate games on the first character I made, then have played dozens partly through ending up wanting to try a new different character before Im done) I've gotten hung up on games before where I can't find a way to maximize builds, especially if there is a lack of good story to give me inspiration to carry on. Or if there are too many options. The he other thing I do are side quests before advancing the main quest. I'm interested in seeing everything in a game, because who knows when an easy simple easily overlooked quest is a key to getting some item power or skill that changes the game. Plus it allows you to be challenged by non-story related content, while letting you get more powerful so that when it comes to the main quest you can go through it without getting hung up and interrupted by something over your current difficulty level.
  10. Just bought this, love it so far! Fits what I am looking for, I also tried looking into Banner saga, but I'm a sucker for magic abilities and it doesn't look like there's any in it. As for might and magic type games, I like the overall game play in the heroes of might and magic but I am not a fan of the battle system in them. And as for jrpgs, I got burned out on them awhile back, I had FFt for the Gameboy Advance and didn't like it. The only jrpg I've enjoyed recently were the golden sun games. If if you know of other games like rimelands, I'm all ears since the reviews say it's not a very long game, and I'm sure I'll need something after it. Edit: Wow, making a post on the iPad leads to all kinds of terrible typos.
  11. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/15558-ive-made-lion-compatible-versions-of-the-avernum-trilogy/ That link should have instructions as to how to run avernum 3 on Intel macs. The PC version still works fine on Windows.
  12. Jumping from Avernum 2 to Avernum 4 will spoil some of the story of Avernum 3. If you need to and can, I'd play the original Avernum 3 while you wait, that's what I did with Exile 3 while waiting for Avernum 3. That way you can jump to Avernum 4, 5 and 6 while you wait, then go back and play the remake.
  13. I see the iPad as the perfect platform for these types of games. The touch interface for them is one of the best I've seen for games, it feels very natural and the fact that the interface is nearly unchanged from the PC/Mac version speaks volumes as to the mobile version being the perfect platform for them. The turn based nature also means they can be picked up and put down at will without worrying about losing any progress or interrupting the flow of the game with pausing. Right now I'm just hoping Apple fixes what ever caused Avernum 2 to stop working, although I do find it strange that Avernum still runs perfectly under 8.3. That fact makes it feel like it's more of a bug with Avernum 2 than with 8.3 (or a combination of a bug in both). I have a feeling that the decision to stop development has been a long time coming based on interviews, blog and twitter posts by Jeff, and that this bug is the straw that broke the camel's back. Which is a shame considering that development on Avernum 2 was complete up until the 8.3 update; it would have been nice to have one last treat before the whole platform was abandoned.
  14. I have played both Baldur's Gate games and have been trying to play Icewind Dale but it feels like just a dungeon crawler and I'm looking for a story now, hence my disappointment hearing the news about Avernum 2 (I had just finished replaying Avernum as preparation too). I'll look into Shadowrun, I tried playing XCOM, I found the combat and overall game play fun, but it never really captured me. King of Dragon pass was a game I was looking into, but too wasn't sure on the game play of, but Alorael seems to be giving it a good thumbs up review, so I'll consider that as well. Hyena of Ice is right about mobile games, when I look for a game I want something fairly engrossing that I can enjoy for years to come. When I bust my laptop out I'll still play Diablo 2, Master of Orion 2, the older Spidweb games etc., but I find that with my new twin girls, my laptop just isn't feasible to use anymore. Most of the modern games that come out for iOS seem to be based on a consumption model, where either it's essentially pay-to-play 'freemium' or short casual games without depth that get boring and need to be replaced soon. The best mobile games I've seen outside of Spidweb's are Sid Meier's although those fill a completely different niche. Since I mentioned Master of Orion, has anyone recently played Starbase Orion? I tried the first contact "demo" version a long time ago and found it to be painfully slow, but I've heard that it's been greatly updated since then. Does anyone know how well it plays now? I know it's a completely different genre from what I posted looking for, but every once in awhile I get the itch for a good 4x game.
  15. So now that Avernum 2 and future Spidweb games won't be made for iOS, I need something to play on my iPad. These games were some of the few that I've liked. I was wondering if anyone could give me any leads to new games that are similar to spidweb's? They need to be turn based, and the most recent non-spidweb game I enjoyed was Eschalon, but unfortunately the sequels aren't made for iOS. It seems like almost all games are jrpgs or tactical games and those just aren't my style. Anyone have any advice for a fan going through Avernum withdrawl?
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