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  1. Probably it's only a temporaly issue. So, it means that in a few hours it will return to work properly. Or maybe, you can try a different service of digital download. Try again and say to us what happens.
  2. My opinion refers to the physical and technical roleplay mechanisms which manage most of uncertain situations's endings in a game. But now the discussion is beginning to go out from Avadon's topic.
  3. At this point It depends on what do you intend to be "enjoyable" and what do you want from a game. For me, enjoyable is a realistic rpg experience. Of course, Jeff had made a good choice to create a more casual game, to be much more accessible from both newbies or everyone. But sometimes the Hardcore gamer dislikes.
  4. This is what I wanted to mean through my post, you've pointend the matter. Perceptible, but I think that simplicity isn't means to be unrealistic. Another thing I didn't add to my dislikes list (and I'm remembering now), it is the auto-healing rule: as I said this one isn't realistic as well. With "realistic", I am saying the feature of a roleplaying system tabletop, eletronic or not to be as much as possibile near to reality mechanisms.
  5. Of course, i wanted to say non-playing characters. (Sorry, in Italian it used to say "personaggi non-giocanti" in fact PNG). I can accept your reading of the mechanism, but I keep to have perplexities: one low-level rogue for example, can open with a luck check an hard and difficult door with only on lockpick. This to reflect many circs factors
  6. It seems interesting. I'll check it out soon. I changed my vote.
  7. I've responded to the poll. I am interested in P&P Rpgs and I hope to join (maybe). Can someone explain to me in what consists AIMHack system? Thank you
  8. Hi to everyone, I only wrote sometimes on the forum, but only today I start to read and write constantly. I bought yesterday the registration code for Avadon and these are my impressions and beginning ideas. What I Like of the game... Cultures and Background Lynaeus lands, like other games by Jeff, convinced me. I love big, huge games with deep Codex (like Skyrim) to read in order to relaxing me between every quests and to knowing better the game's world. I found that well done and the cultures, characters and territories. Simply character system What i learned from p&p rpgs i
  9. How the first Avernum Trilogy runs on Mac Os X 10.6.6? Are they compatible? I love the second trilogy and i like to purcharse and play the first line of this series.
  10. Hi to everyone, As Jeff did with the first three episodes of Geneforge saga, is it possible to do an upgrade, to run fully compatible the first trilogy of Avernum on newer Macs with 10.4, 10.5 and next?
  11. Hello and good evening to all. I began to play Nethergate Resurrection and i have just bought the full version from Spiderweb Store. Now i have some question about the game: 1) What is the highest level which a character can reach? 2) Where i can buy and take spell in the Roman campaign for ? 3) There are some secret and unknow skills; how i can unlock them? For example i bought some levels in Woodcraft from a trainer, is the same for the others? Thank U!
  12. I ordered a keycode ( no Cd, no hint book, only the code) for Nethergate Resurrection, but after the first confirmation email, i haven't reiceved the second with the registration codes.
  13. Who is the PC? What is his real life before met Rawal
  14. Hi, who are the rebel leaders in the starter section of the game?
  15. My friends, i have finished today G5 as a Sorceress Shapers with Alwan. Thank you, Jeff, for making not RPG games, but dreams. People can go away from the normal life of every day and being a shaper a rebel or a trakovite and create powerful creaures. Thank U! But this is not the end. I replay it agian in Christmas holiday as rebel. I'm waiting Geneforge 6.
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