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  1. Try some large area of effect battle magic spells, that how I did it.
  2. I do believe that he doesnt use C++ as that is ALSO cross platform, since it can be compiled via xcode for mac, (or any number of free compilers). There are also lots of compilers for windows. I think he uses Objective-C and then has to convert it to normal C++ due to the fact i found .nib files. Although he could also be using lua, python or any other higher level programming language that gets compiled to objective-c.
  3. Originally Posted By: pitchblack Quick question, alias- Why do you use dbugkill? It sucks all the fun out of the game. I kno it sucks the fun outa geneforge, but i have other saves that i plan never to cheat in. I just wanted to experience the story quickly before i have fun with the GAME itself do u kno what i mean?
  4. (sorry for the double post) I checked the spire and with Ghaldring and there is now "i killed the third shaper" dialogue, and he isnt recognising the death of the fourth shaper... i am thoroughly stuck. Sage Taygen is definitely DEAD.
  5. Hmm I will go try it again, i just checked the spire and nobody is alive, thats for sure. Im go check with Ghaldring, but isnt there some flag i can use just in case? I promise i wont cheat anymore lol
  6. Well how can i fix this without loosing my character?
  7. thats odd... i cleared out both areas with dbugkill and still havnt found him
  8. Ive been playing this game obcessively for a few days now, but ive run into a snag... Im up to the quest where you have to kill the 4 shapers and ive killed all but sage taygen (spelling?)... i cant find him anywhere! Ive been to zephyr oasis and the tower, as well as its cells... where is he?
  9. I got sent another registration code today.... But it didnt work... Ive emailed and PMd Jeff, this is getting ridiculous.
  10. awwww man i cant wait that long to play geneforge5! i love this series!
  11. I registered geneforge 5 3 days ago, i received the confirmation email the next day that supposedly had my code in it. It didnt, it had a blank space... "YOUR REGISTRATION KEY Your registration number for Geneforge 5: Overthrow is: Your registration key for Geneforge 5: Overthrow is: " Ive asked for a new key and emailed Jeff, but to no avail, i have received no email or anything. And yes i did enter the registration key while ordering, and i double checked and it is the correct one.
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