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  1. In the end it was indeed corrupted files, I downloaded over a different net connection and it was fine. I shall check my router and try to fix it, or perhaps my ISP. Thanks for the help everyone
  2. I tried compatibility mode before and it didn't work. Also tried to download again but also no success there...
  3. Hi everyone, Finally, I had some to time to download and play the new spiderweb game, but alas! When the download finished and I tried to run the exe, I got the following errors during the "extracting setup files" window: Decoding Error=1 followed by: Failed to extract setup file. (3703) and then the installer crashed. I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit, with all the latest drivers, and tried to redownload the game (perhaps the installer was corrupted or something) but it still happened. I tried running as admin, running with XP compatability on, but still, same errors. Help anyone?
  4. Originally Posted By: Soul of Wit The outdoors of this game is unbelievably tiny (once explored.) Patricks's Tower is seconds from the pylons in the same cave. The biggest inconvenience is remembering to open the door after I come up from the underground of Dharmon. The King is stingy and has intentionally made Patrick's Tower a backwater. Dragons don't have pylons cause they want to be hard to get to (and they scare the bejeebus out of the King and most sane mages.) The Freehold has to be wary of the King, so no tower there either. I agree with the logic of it, but if I were a huge bigass dragon, slightly bloodthirsty, I would have made myself a pylon, connected it to the main pipeline using my amazing dragon magic, and used it to expand my influence and get more minions. Now that's megalomaniac, which of course, all dragons are, and is standard behaviour for your average dragon. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Bargha also has a pylon and X is too lazy to use it to go there to look at their library. X is in his own world - too lazy to move an inch(probably gets someone to bring him food). He is actually one of my all time favourites, and also one must credit him for the xian items (hope they get remade, funnier still)
  5. Originally Posted By: Kreador I think you don't completely understand what Randomizer was talking about with the Quick Travel points. Most likely, you haven't played the Eschalon games, which I know Randomizer and I both recommend that you do. You are correct - I haven't played Eschalon, and will do so soon. Continuing the discussion, I would like to point out that telepyloning (I got bored writing teleporting with pylons) has its merits, but I'll be able to compare the two systems better after I play Eschalon (II or I?). Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I probably forgot to put "too much" before the zipping around... And also, the pylons have a clear functionality - to let you get to major and important places. If you could just jump anywhere you wanted, that would be too much. By the way, I think that pylon teleporation is way cooler than "Quick Travel" from place to place. Pylons have their charm (and personally, I rather like talking to the people who stand by the central portal).
  7. Originally Posted By: Custom PDNs for all! I feel old now. I never use pylons, i'm too used to walking EVERYWHERE, like back in the good ol' days of Spiderweb. Us young folk are used to just teleporting everywhere . Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S there was none of that in the original games. Sadly, I didn't play those, being less than three years old when the original Escape from the Pit came out, and slightly not bothered to play a game with those graphics on a computer now... but I believe you. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S What would have been much better: A "Quick Travel" feature as seen in Eschalon 2. You can zip along to various locations you've already visited, saving "sandwich time" spent walking across the world map. I actually think that this would ruin the game experience, because you are supposed to wander around, and not "zip" all over the place. The entire point is that you walk around, getting special encounters. Having a "Quick Travel" feature would greatly reduce game time and pretty much bore the player out. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S As it is, the pylons are a failure both in terms of convenience, and game atmosphere. Again, I have to disagree - the pylons add to the atmosphere, the magic of it all, and of course, the Tower Of Magi acts as a safehouse, in which you can rest, recharge and buy spells while in the middle of your adventure, similarly to a motel . Also, I think that what mostly bothered me was not the "land crawling", but the "boat crawling" - it seems that dear SpiderWeb still use the same boats from 6 years ago - they are so cumbersome and a pain to navigate(especially if you get stuck in a reef you can't see because of a wall).
  8. Firstly, I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed this game. It has been a lot of fun and I've begun playing it again. One thing that bothered me, though, was a lack of pylons. for example- a Patrick's Tower pylon would have been very useful(they're wizards! they can afford to have a pylon). Moreover, a pylon for every dragon would also be nice, as the endless toiling around to get to Khoth and Sulfras is really tiresome. (Or even a pylon in the freehold! - until I was strong enough to kill the giants, I had to row my boat all the way up) There is a bulk of pylons in the center - near the castle (obviously so), and little elsewhere. I remember that in Avernum 5, there were many more pylons, everyone who was rich and powerful enough got one, and I wonder, why not in Avernum:Escape from the Pit? Empathy anyone?
  9. I tried to set corrupted thahd to import 20(original thahd) instead of 22(hostile thahd) but it still decays. Any other ideas?
  10. I've been playing around with scripts and fiddling about, but I could not find the trigger that makes creations unstable and decay. Where is it? Is there any way to remove it to make charged creations stop decaying?
  11. Apparently I missed the "not" - I meant "could not". The problem is that if you are capped already you cannot allocate even one point.
  12. I am taking a rerun of Geneforge V and entered Minallah. Wandered around, talked to people and met Farad. Who is he? Does he give quests or is he just there?
  13. Originally Posted By: The Turtle Moves You may also end up maxing out your skills at or above 8 before reaching the level cap, in which case you will no longer be able to allocate your natural skill points when you level up. This doesn't break anything; you can still allocate attribute points and exit normally. You may notice a message saying you haven't finished training this character; just ignore it. Sadly, this is not the case (I emailed you about this) - the message will not let you exit and save and changes.
  14. As someone who regularly ends up in front of a locked box with little or no lockpicks, is there a way to change "giveasnack" to give a lockpick instead of cake, similarly to in Avernum or Geneforge, when it was edited to give 30000 gold?
  15. Actually, I also noticed that sometimes when I press 1 I don't jump to my character's location. It differs from time to time but mostly it does work.
  16. Originally Posted By: Øther It's easiest to do this with abilities that don't target, Like the shamans pet heal, or haste, or battle cries, summoning, and stuff like that. So try using targeting abilities during your actual turn, and then those non-targeting abilities for an extra boost at the end of your turn. I haven't tried it yet, but I wonder if it does work at all for targeting abilities. It doesn't work - you get a lot of red lines saying that the game is searching for a missing character, or error: changing a locked ability, or something about "something" not found - game engine queried. I've tried it all I also got a crash when during the turn of my hellhound, I clicked a barrel (by mistake - I missed a spider). I then received an empty inventory menu, and then the game crashed.
  17. I'd like to complain about something that bugged me from the start - why is command+tab unavailable? It's actually pretty annoying that I can't switch windows in full screen mode. Help anyone? Another thing that I noticed that in combat, if a press a quickly enough after attacking, I can squeeze another ability - for example, after attacking, I can summon a Hellhound.
  18. I wonder if the name is chosen on purpose - Avadon=doom in Hebrew. Did Jeff intend this meaning?
  19. I stole the Anama papers while have the geas for Gladwell and then killed him, thus removing the geas. Then I went to Shafrir, got his quest, let him copy then, read the book, but the quest is still on my quest list. Can I remove it?
  20. So how can I tweak the script in order to get inside?
  21. I've wonder whether it is possible to change the creations you can create so instead of an ur-dragon I could create an Unbound. I would also like to do this for other creations. I'm new to scripting and a mac user. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
  22. Thanks I'll fiddle around a bit and see what it does
  23. Are there no mac trainers? Even though the Mac version came before the windows one, no one made a trainer for it yet. Us mac-users want to have fun as well. Please, someone, create a mac-compatible trainer!
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