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  1. I started reading SW forums in 2003 when I bought Geneforge 1 and was looking for gameplay tips. It was my first RPG. Throughout the years I've posted mostly when I was playing a game. Since Geneforge 5, I've spent more time lurking than I did in the past, probably because I'm a more experienced netizen now and better able to appreciate the nice atmosphere. Nobody knows who I am because I'm around infrequently and don't post much, but I like it here and really enjoy the sense of community. I feel a part of it even if I don't post.
  2. The only way I was able to handle the kyshakks was to lure them one at a time. Send your lead creation (first in battle) to taunt one of them, with the rest of your group a considerable distance away. When the kyshakk signals readiness for battle, have the luring lead creation run back to the pack. One big ugly cow will follow. The only time I took on two at once was the pair nearest the big structure. They are easier because you can surround them (if you have enough creations). Oh, do make sure you have the spell that cures lighning attacks before you even consider attacking them. (Sorry, it's been awhile. The name of the spell escapes me at present.) Also, I frequently left the area to recharge and come back. It took awhile.
  3. I would like to have a Geneforge T-shirt. I would wear it. I wonder if Jeff has ever considered this type of merchandising or if it seems too commercial. I think a lot of fans might buy one if it were offered. There are places online to get custom T-shirts if you just want one for yourself. I wouldn't think that would be a problem, but I don't really know. As far as making them for any kind of distribution, I can't imagine that Jeff would allow that (but I really don't know that, either). I think it's a great idea, though.
  4. I really thought this was extremely fair. The reviewer seems to have played the entire game and appreciated the game's strengths. He also knew how to read and was therefore able to understand the plot as it went along and appreciate the "[d]electable passages, poetic dialogue and vivid description." Quote: =Soylent Octarine]My only real disagreement, and it's not huge, is with the complaints about strategy. Character building and creation and equipment choices are strategy and pretty much always have been for roleplaying games. I think the reviewer's real complaint is about the lack of tactics, and it's simply not true. You can hack through enemies, but it's easier (and on Torment necessary) to fight cleverly rather than brutally. I agree. I also don't fault the reviewer too much for this observation because even experienced Geneforge players had to rethink character build in G5. (Heck, it isn't "easy" in any of the Geneforge games.) The same is true of creation abilities/strengths. They all look good by description, but how do they perform? It may be counterintuitive to some players, new players in particular, to craft a build that emphasizes one or two skills and virtually ignores all others, but decisions like this can mean the difference between beating the game or not. From the review: Quote: NPC turns are forgivingly quick, though enemies do have a slightly cumbersome tendency to surround the player characters and block the path for potential attacks. Well, this scenario does point to a distinct deficit in player skill/strategy. Survival in G5 demands that the player break up swarms into manageable chunks. I would think an experience RPG player would recognize that if they kept getting swarmed, they would need to try something new, i.e., new "strategy," but I have not played enough RPGs to really know this. The following I agree with: Quote: When the less derivative characters do crop up, they're fabulously portrayed - but it leaves you aching for more, and Geneforge 5 doesn't always deliver. This strikes me as more of a testament to Jeff's "fine writing" and the depth of the characters he does creates than a real criticism. There is a fine line between just enough and leaving the player "aching for more." Jeff does a pretty decent job with the "tease." Too many interesting characters dilutes their individual importance and too few dissatisfies. For me, it was the lack of a "Kyrykk" (sp?), which is my admittedly juvenile side wanting a real "hero" in the scenario.
  5. With high Leadership, you don't have to fight at all. Just cop an attitude with him and he'll drop it.
  6. That's disappointing. Dexterity used to be a good dodge tactic for the Agent. With no poison resistance (from Endurance) and no ability to dodge, it seems like heavy armor with +AP items is the way to go. Maybe higher Endurance is also important for more health. I think I totally ignored that. I think I'm going to try a playthrough with decent Strength and Intelligence and high Mental Magic. I'd like stronger Melee, too, but I'm not sure if it's a good buy as a secondary strength. This is all starting to make me wonder about the Servile, who is very strong in battle and may be more useful in some of the worst battles (like the Talis-Eye). The Servile is the only character class I didn't try. This is insane, but I may yet play this game another couple of times.
  7. It was a hard call. Rotdhizon wasn't a choice, so I picked rotghroth. It really is a close tie with wingbolts, though. If you have both of these in a Shaper party, it takes some real effort to lose a game. Drayks and war trolls also are awesome, and I always have them in my party, but they are really just there to pick up the pieces when the others meet resistance. Kryshakks have a great missile attack and lots of health, but they appear to have a too-high miss ratio. Does anyone know the stats on this? Their missiles seem to miss a lot. Also, for a good part of the game, the clawbugs and vlishes do a great job. I don't think either goes to the end game very well, though. Artillas have been longtime sentimental favorites of mine, but I wasn't crazy about them in G5.
  8. Thanks, Drakefyre and Randomizer, for the stat details. Eye opening. What really stands out for me are the points into strength. I used to pump strength in my Agents in past Geneforge games, but for some reason, I totally missed that on the build this time. She was way too vulnerable a target. Without hit and run (no true Speed), it was too hard to keep her alive. She needs heavy armor. Well, probably all singletons do. But, bleh... even thinking about battles like the Talis-Eye/worm/stun plants with a singleton is enough to give me hives. Drakefyre, did high dexterity do a decent job of avoiding hits? Did either of you wish that you had pumped Mental up more or did those stats still work on the higher tier creations by the last part of the game? Also, melee? Would you shoot for higher after training? Sorry for all the questions. I'm trying to get the courage up to give the Agent (or Infiltrator) another go at it.
  9. What were your magic stats, Draykefire? By the last quarter of the game, how many points did you have in Battle and Mental Magic, especially? Also, Intelligence? Did you use creations at the end (i.e., with stat-boosting items)? If you have come up with a good build, I might want to try it out. I'd probably go Infiltrator over Agent, but I'd still like to try to be successful with my favorite character from the older games. (I think Randomizer also had some success with the Agent with BM in the double digits, but I can't remember the build.) Thanks.
  10. I think the three spells that I noticed to be less effective in G5, but were staples in previous games, were firebolt, searer, and acid. Early on, they were pretty good, but didn't do too much as the game progressed. The PC seemed more susceptible to acid/poison himself while doing less damage with same to enemies. I was impressed with purifying rain (fire), though. Not sure if I just happened to use it at the right time (coincidence) or if it was a really good spell, but it was the area effect spell that seemed the most effective in G5.
  11. Originally Posted By: Iron Spiralite You know, changing Haste had a huge impact on the way G5 could be played. I am really looking forward to seeing A6 with, presumably, the same weakened Haste. I think that alone will make the game much more interesting. Certainly it will change the optimal builds. I understand why it would be interesting as a character/build study, but it really imbalanced G5 and affected the playability of once-popular characters. For me, it limited character choices when both speed and battle magic were nerfed. It made magic users very difficult to play in general, and it also made playing singletons (for me) the new Torment.
  12. Great area, too. This is where you get access to create rotghroth, which is one of the best creations in the game.
  13. I believe the walkthrough includes +/- stats on all reputation encounters. I was able to pretty much get all the rewards in the game just by an informal method of alternating helping one side and then the other. Saving encounters helps, too. If you hit a wall along the way, i.e, unbalanced rep, you can even things out by revisiting conversations.
  14. Alwan's amulet is the only way to get authorization by fort commanders to pass through the forts.
  15. It's in Kayar's Spire Cells, so very near the end of the game. I think (but not completely sure) it might be dropped in the east when you kill the folks holed up in the room.
  16. I was just going to put up the Scorpia link. It seems clear that he was familiar with the Geneforge series and had played the entire game. I'm shocked that a reviewer would go against the grain and actually play it. He even picked up on the differences that made Shaping better than magic compared to the previous games. I do like the game a lot better than he does, though. As to the other reviewer, I can't believe he couldn't figure out how to do something as basic as fighting and he seemed to believe that the world went along on "real time" while a battle ensued. It was quite odd. Here is an interesting interview with Jeff from 03/30/09: http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=187
  17. I think the Barcott locker in the FP might not be unlockable because after you complete the quest and talk to him, he opens up a "special item" list for sale to you, and at the top of the list its says something to the effect of these items having been recovered from his workshop.
  18. I favor pumping intelligence very high. I get Battle Shaping to anywhere from 10 to 15 and put a few points into Magic and Fire (but not as much), and then pump Intelligence to the exclusion of almost everything else. By the time you are able to get the essence-hungry level 4 and 5 creations, you need all the intelligence you can get. With items, I ended my last game with 28 or 29 Intelligence. I had a full crew of 7 powerful creations. By the time you get to the upper tier of creations, they are powerful enough that you don't need to max out on Shaping. I would pick one Shaping area to focus on (my choice in G5 is Battle!!) and put enough in the other two to get some decent creations. It's almost impossible to lose the game if you have tons of intelligence and a large, powerful crew. Past midgame, my Shock Trooper (or Lifecrafter) pretty much wiped the floor with everything in the PC's path.
  19. The greatest value of that anvil is the mandrake tincture, which is in short supply until later in the game. You do eventually get what you need and them some for crafting items, but I remember being able to make my greaves from the Rockfall Anvil. I wonder if there is a scripting fix, one that you can change the quest to received/fulfilled.
  20. You have to do a quest for the commander at the fort, which is a Loyalist action. This quest also overlaps with a Rebel quest. You can recover the artifact requested and choose who to give it to. Either way, you can reach the anvil (lie to commander).
  21. I think I remember seeing a post indicating that clawbugs had some sort of boost in G5. They do clean house until about 3/4 through the second region. Vlish, too. By the third region, it's time for upgrade. (I do hate thinking of them as "expendable," though.)
  22. I spread my creations out for this one. I sent the ones who didn't need my healing, like the Rots and War Trall, to the outlying areas and kept the more vulnerable ones close, like the Wingbolt, Drayk. I guess I had a completely different reaction to this area than many did. I sometimes reloaded and restarted on this one to see how many soldiers I could save. I always hated it when any person or creature fighting alongside my party died.
  23. The poison in this game is brutal. Endurance no longer gives resistance, the spells to cure it don't work too well, and every other monster (or so it seems) heaps poison and acid on you. In the zones that I could freely leave, I went back to town. A lot. Also, I put the purple enhancement stone (amethyst? what's it called) on every piece of equipment that could be enhanced. It's the only resistance available, except for maybe Luck. Oh, the Okanawa Swamp worms. A few of them start swarming your party and half your health points are gone. Chaotic spores were really helpful here. Click to reveal.. Watch out in the northeast for the deadly plants! Stay to the far north out of their range and kill the spawner and worms first.
  24. Magic for a Warrior? Yup, that'll do it. Especially if it's Battle Magic, which has been nerfed in G5 to the point where it doesn't help Infiltrators, Agents or Sorceresses much either. Diversification doesn't work too well in G5. Playing to the strengths of the character (and to the qualities that actually work in G5) is best. I'd make some good creations to help. By the way, there are a number of areas you will encounter that you really won't be able to clear until you get stronger. Lerman's Pass and Gorash Kel kind of spring to mind, for starters.
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