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  1. Yay installing it in another location worked thanks ^^ It's unregistered now tho and I made the mistake of saving in a registered area (which is just black now and I'm unable to move)...and the return party to start option in the character editor is a registered only option xDDDDD But meh that can be fixed soon at least On a side note, I couldn't find any data for A3 in AppData, ProgramData, Application data or any other places where game data is usually stored (I'm pretty familiar with this), so only thing I could delete was the A3 folder in program files. It would be int
  2. Windows 7 32 bit, and it was originally installed on my old computer which I transferred from by copying the whole program files folder..which the registry entries if there are any for A3 wouldn't like now that I think about it. I also checked for a duplicate installation on this same computer in case it's getting data from there, search comes up with nothing.
  3. Um kay I just downloaded A3 again and reinstalled...but the editor is still disabled. Wtf? o.o I deleted the old A3 installation out of program files since there seems to be no uninstall option, and moved the save files to a different spot. The game is also still registered, so the character editor data and key has to be stored in a different spot. Searched the registry and found nothing there for A3...so I'm stumped. EDIT: Checked out the new installion in program files, and theres no Avernum3.dat, its still gone from when I deleted it from the first installation. This is
  4. Ya editor never crashed I was just clumsy with the mouse, thanks for the help anyway ^^
  5. Oh ok ingame healer then thanks. I took a look inside the avernum3.dat file with notepad actually and it was pretty much blank except for a few random characters at the top...doesnt seem like deleting it would do anything. Is it possible that the character editor stuff is inside another file that could be manually taken out? Only coz I don't wanna unregister it :\
  6. Accidentally deactivated my character editor in A3, and I've looked up the instructions that say to delete the Avernum3.dat file, which I did (I'm using windows), but the editor is still deactivated D: Anyone know whats going on? :\ And no I'm not using it to cheat, I just picked up a really nice looking Fungoid Spine dagger from Erica's Tower, equipped it then realised it was cursed ._. Also found an enchanted spoon there funnily enough xD
  7. Hmm ok ill take your word for it then.
  8. In previous avernum games there was a limit to the amount of items you could store on the ground. I tend to horde rare items, but if i stored too much, they would start to disappear, and it was usually the rare ones that went first (in one case i lost demonslayer, but the editor fixed that). In Avernum 5 does this still happen? Ive searched for this on the forums, but havnt been able to find it.
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