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  1. That's interesting, looks like another reason to pick shapers over lifecrafters.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys i will try getting through the holding cells. The Crossroads was a good idea except i already beat the mage and his buddies to a bloody pulp.
  3. Well this totally sucks how am i supposed to get to trajokov now. and thinking about it how was i ever going to get to him without makeing them mad. Those stealth sholia didnt like me before i even started attacking them. It might have been the ornks i killed in the same zone.
  4. I'm playing through G1 as a taker ive completed most of the game but something really wierd just happened. While i was working my way through the west gate area i got a message saying my taker amulet has become tarnished. After this happened I finnished clearing the area and i cleared few more zones. I killed a few sholia along the way but the walkthrough said they would be hostile with or without the amulet. After all of this I went to kazg and it was hostile. I'm completely confused as to what's going on here, some advice would be great. PS. The only earlier save i have is unp
  5. Well so far this play through of geneforge 5 has been a breeze, but i seem to have crashed into a brick wall. I'm trying to deactivate the mines in one of the buildings in the southern wastes but no matter how i aproach them i get incinerated. any advice is welcome.
  6. Originally Posted By: Dantius IIRC, you can join Alwan's faction and he'll let you into the library. Then you can just stroll in and pocket the tome without anyone asking any question. Bah! Wheres the challenge in that? It's much more entertaining to watch everyone look all confused at how all the treasures disappered in 10 minuets without anyone being seen entering or exiting.
  7. I'm curious to know if stealing the Canister tome from alwan would messup joining him? and please mention any other dos and dont's for his faction.
  8. Originally Posted By: Other Have you tried leaving the area and then returning? Yes. My real question is is there anyway to make Spire happy and not so hostile? Cheats do not work!
  9. No you all seem to misunderstand me. I have never been in Spire all i have to do is enter the zone of Spire and it's hostile, Even with cheating. The only thing i have done in the abyss is kill all the darkside loyalists under Erika's tower ruins and steal a few items from zones near Spire. Thats all iv'e tried everything and nothing is working. The only save file i have before the abyss takes me back to Almaria.
  10. I did steal some thing in an adjacent zone is there anyway to fix this?
  11. I had to kill two gaurds that i coulden't get away from. But cheating should have fixed that thats why its there to solve these um.. problems when they crop up.
  12. I'm pretty sure i messed up the plot line somehow because when i got to spire the whole town was hostile. The only thing i can think of is that i killed a bunch of darkside loyalists under Erika's tower. Cheating makes them happy but as soon as a guard has a clear line of sight to me they go hostlie again.
  13. Thanks for all the help guys. But i can't get the letter back. i'll just have to pick it up in my next play through.
  14. I was in and out of medab "where the shopkeeper is" for over an hour before i noticed that i had lost the letter. I also checked out my last save before i lost the letter.I would have to re play 10 half zones.
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