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  1. Well, I wish they'd recycle the anvils instead of losing them! *glares at X*
  2. Originally Posted By: Randomizer From Jeff's blog in case you haven't read it. Originally Posted By: Jeff There is something very liberating about writing the last game in a series. First, you won't have to write any more. Second, you get to totally trash the place. Udder destruction is in the works. I wonder if towns get replaced with ruined versions as time passes like in Avernum 3. Please no! That was the one thing that annoyed me the most in Avernum 3. Hate being rushed through the game to fix things in case you miss anything in those towns when they go boom.
  3. We still haven't heard of the Dragons supposed "vengeance" yet... Perhaps that will make an appearance in A6? Would be rather ironic if the hoard of evil sliths turned out to be more exiles from the good sliths... can't wait to find out the real reason for them.
  4. Played Avernum 2 for a little bit, but I'm dead sure I didn't save over it.
  5. Originally Posted By: Toby-Linn Is the name of the file "avernum.sav"? also, is it in the default location that Avernum saves the game? sorry, I can't think of anything else. Maybe if you started a new game, and saved with the default name and location, then moved your old saved game to that location? Yes and yes. EDIT: Also noticed that both problems happen after i quit after destroying the orb in the abyss.
  6. Before everything is working fine, but now i go to open a saved game and it says: "This is not an Avernum saved game". Any ideas? This is the second time this has happened and i really, really don't want to restart again. EDIT: Also comes up with message saying something about graphic 3001 missing...
  7. Using text dump i got this: "McDonald's RationsMcDonald sells fine examples of Avernite cuisine. This means that his goods will sustain life, but not happiness or hope. Surely someone here will get it.
  8. In Avernum 3 theres a man name "McDonald" in one of the upper avernum towns (forgot which) and when you buy something... I won't spoil it for you, check it out.
  9. Something I'd like to see if an Avernum: Origins ever comes out... It being made with something like A3 graphics.
  10. Tried increasing priority, all it seems to accomplish is crashing the computer. As for upgrading the hardware I can't exactly afford to do so, much as I'd like to.
  11. I have all programs closed before running Geneforge 5, so it isn't that. When checking task manager it seems Geneforge 5 chews through a lot of memory. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  12. I've got all the fast graphics stuff on and it doesn't help much. I find this annoying because I can play more graphically demanding games without any problems. I think memory is the problem here as opposed to graphics.
  13. Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 is my GPU and I use XP.
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