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  1. From the linked thread, I see this: Originally Posted By: Seaweed Essentially, the nation of Avernum is doomed before you even step out of the Castle Food Depot. Which makes your heroic struggle seem somewhat futile. ...every single thing you did in the game was towards [preventing the end of Avernum]. Only there was nothing you could do. At times A6 felt more like a skillfully crafted slide-show than anything else; you ran from place to place witnessing the end of Avernum but being frustratingly unable to do anything about it. Is that accurate? The end of A6 is basically 'Avernum is doomed,' only with a variety of different sub-outcomes that don't really change anything?
  2. I tried A6 when it first came out, but it was so much like A5 that I couldn't stand to play it long enough to even finish the demo. The problem is, I'm now trying to write a short story that involves (briefly, in passing) references to the events in the Avernum series storyline. I've looked over what wiki information I can find, but what I found seems either too vague, too specific, or just not there anymore. What I'm looking for is just a summary of the story of Avernum 6 in overall events (not characters). I'd prefer the canonical ending if there is one, or at least a 'good' ending. Thanks!
  3. After clearing it with our wonderful DM, I'm posting this link to a sort-of backstory-ish dialog with Adon Zek (which I wrote just prior to the campaign's beginning) in case anyone's interested.
  4. Try one of the compiled ones . . . or if you can't find one that runs, I have an older version here.
  5. I really don't think that's a frog...
  6. In regard to number 5, if you're looking for Exile-series monster stats, Blades of Exile is open source. (Check over on the Blades of Exile area if you're interested; they should have links.) In the editor you can find the stats of all the monsters from BoE, which overlaps most of those from E1-3. I'm not really sure about those others, as I haven't played any of the older Avernums. Good luck!
  7. Leaf-shadows Spindly Spider-looking Thing Duck, Duck, Heron!
  8. When I try to use the touchscreen on my (Windows XP) laptop while playing A5, the cursor just jumps randomly to corners. I tried to find a compatibility setting to run it in a window or something, but couldn't find one. Does anyone know any way to make A5 work with a touchscreen? It's not essential or anything, but I'd really like to be able to use the screen. Thanks!
  9. Isn't there a little star (or some similar use icon) that activates the item, while clicking on the item itself outside the star area picks it up? I haven't played A6 much at all, but I don't recall any serious issues with inventory management. EDIT: Yes, there is a little red-and-gold star or sun shaped thing in the lower left corner of each item's box.
  10. I've never done one of these before, but I've read a ton of the logs and now that I have more free time I'd like to give it a try. I will be sending a character (hopefully correctly) as soon as I finish him. Thanks so much for running these, Ephesos, they've been a ton of fun to read and spectate! ;-) EDIT: Character sent! Thanks again!
  11. Mistb0rn would like to humbly submit that Dikiyoba's skill with a camera is unbelievable, as Mistb0rn stares in jealous awe at the multitude of Dikiyoba's incredible images. :-D
  12. Mistb0rn


    Aye...the good old days. Gathered around the demo of Exile:Escape from the Pit; fighting Nephilim and goblins, discovering new slithzerikai lairs, killing Motrax and Athron... I do, I miss those days. It's never the same, playing the full version for the hundredth time. Ah, nostalgia... ;-)
  13. I'm back! After one of the most hectic summers on record, I have finally gotten settled down (for the next month or so, at least) and uploaded a few of the highlight images from the past several months. I won't link them all, but here's a few of my favorites: Fireworks Rabbit Morning Light Cheesecake! Light(bulb) in the Dark New York City Pidgeons
  14. Some various assorted insects, Two sunsets, The moon, and morning. Kha!
  15. Quote: I love the place, despite not being an active or memorable part of the community. This.
  16. Wow! What program do you use? That sounded really good!
  17. Okay, for safety I created a new account, mistb0rntest, and am now logged into koolim. Where do I find the room for the RP?
  18. Where can I find that? And, is it safe to give it my password?
  19. Oh. So there is no way to spectate without downloading something?
  20. I'd like to spectate, at least for a while, but as I've never done anything like this before, I'm a little bit lost. I've logged into AIM Express, but can't figure out how to do anything from there. I clicked the redirect in this thread, but "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (aim) isn't associated with any program". I don't want to have to download anything. Help, please!
  21. Finally gotten mostly caught up for the past two months as far as uploading goes. Here's a few I liked: Lake Cardinal Blurry trees Onions Train tracks Cat
  22. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel The manticore does look very good. The death sequence seems slightly odd, in particular the transition from the living pose to the first frame – suddenly it turns upside down? You're right. I have no way to see how it may look in-game as I don't currently own BoA, but here's a slightly edited version with a new death animation. (The original intention is that it gets knocked out of the air, falling over backward.) Please let me know how it looks, and anything else that should be improved. Thanks!
  23. I'm not entirely pleased with it, but here's my first attempt. Like I said, I've never done any BoA graphics before, so please feel free to tell me anything I've done wrong. Or anything that you'd like improved. Or if it's completely awful.
  24. If you have an image I could look at I might be able to do something. I haven't done any BoA graphics yet, so no promises, but I'd be more than happy to give it a try.
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