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  1. Thanks for the prompt responses. I did actually hit him with two mind duels when he had five spell points left, I must have just missed killing it, although I did blast it with a few shockwaves. Thanks again.
  2. Hey you guys, I've beaten Falling Star before, but I decideed to go back and actually explore, and I'm trying to get the five legendary artifacts. I've hit a road bump though. How do I get past the Mystic Doomguard at Lockiven's lab. I've tried just about everything. Mind duels don't work, I thought I could use the rope and tie him up, or give him wine. That didn't really work either. Any help you could give would be apprectaited. If I had Simon's slippery substance would that work. Let me know, and thanks in advance. MasterSilver
  3. With one mage and one priest that would take forever, besides won't she eventually kill you if you don't have an antimagic cloud on her? By the way, does anything cool happen if you manage to kill her?
  4. accidently possible? are you sure, because I've tried and even though I don't die I wasn't able to kill her either. I even tried a cheap way by using editor, and still I was unable to kill her. You can do 1 or 2 points of damage at a time. Am I missing something?
  5. well it doesn't take long to finish the scenario after you get out of there. Waiting for the converbelt to break makes things easier. But turned to stone. Are you kidding me? I didn't even get to join in the huge fight. It was an awsome fight scene though. Thanks again for all your help. Master Silver
  6. Awesome. School started and I all but gave up on it. I did try charme foe, but only after I had killed him a few times. Also I did go into combat mode it does save a lot of time. I even tried to use magic barriers and quick fire on the wells (it didn't work). That us the best way to kill the generators in the cold storage level if anyone wanted to know. P.S if you want an insanly hard fight try taking on Cornell an Raven with 4 fighters and a mage and priest with no op weapons (anything higher than demon slayer counts as op). Thanks again, Master Silver
  7. Please please help, I can't find a walkthrough anywhere, and this is driving me insane. Thanks
  8. Hey I figured it out, thatnks for your help though. I neededto unlock and then open the chests, I forgot I could do that lol. By the way the fight with Cornell is super hard. I just beat it. Now I'm working on the next puzzle,does anyone know how to get rid of the swarms of bugs, hints would be great. Thanks
  9. Hey, I've looked, but where the in world are those control keys? I have no clue where to find them. I've looked over the entire map.
  10. hmm, I must have mistaken the scenario I was playing. I think I meant Tomorrow, and what exactly is a movie scenario, and how would you watch it? Thanks though, now I know why that scenario didn't work.
  11. Hi you guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm playing Singns and Portents. I got to the Cold Storage level and I'm completely stuck. How do I get out. I have controll keys 1 and 2, and I used fire barriers + quick fire to destroy generators. Any help you could give would be great. Thanks in Advance, Master Silver
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