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  1. Exile 2 is by far my favorite spiderweb game in all. The ability to be three different races, excellent story, playable but still challenging difficulty. It has it all.
  2. This is what I have Dell Dimension 3000 Intel® Celeron® CPU 2.40GHz 502MB RAM Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller XP Professional SP 3
  3. Last time I tried to play it was still to choppy. I wiped my hard drive last week so I decided to try and play it and see if it would work. After downloading the installer it would freeze at the "Computing space requirements." I've tried to redownload it a couple times but still the same thing. Anything that I can do so I can try to play it again?
  4. Originally Posted By: dgoodrich Go to setting click graphics extras to draw all Thank you.
  5. I don't consider playing through only one faction completing the game, so here's the times it took me to do each faction. GF1: About 3 days for each faction. GF2: Hard to say with this one, about 2 days to about 11 - 12 days(Power Gamer/Unaligned took forever!) GF3: I finished Pro-Shaper in 3 days, Pro-Rebel in 2. GF4: Pro-Shaper 2, Pro-Rebel 1, "Trakovite" 3. GF5: Haven't played to the end yet.
  6. If I turn it off, it becomes unplayable.
  7. I just Downloaded the v1.0.2 and installed it and when I loaded my save, my shaper changed from Dark Blue to the normal look. Also none of the Secondary creations(Cryoa, PyroRoamer, Burning Thahd, ect.) are their normal colors. They all go back to the first one's colors, even their projectiles. Cryoa spits fire instead of ice. Is there a corrupted image file or something?
  8. Sickly awsome, it's finaly working. Now I gotta get the Fast Speed update thing... >.< Crappy comps ftl.
  9. I used the search on my computer to find all the files for GF5, since they end up in like 4 different places, and I got rid of all of them it found.
  10. I just downloaded GF5 and installed it. When I opened it up to play, it gave the resolution thing, and I picked the wrong one along with "always use." And now I can't play, all I get is a black screen saying "Cannot support this video mode." I've reinstalled, "repaired," and redownloaded, but nothing worked. How can I change the resolution so I can get it to work?
  11. I'm doing it as a challenge. I know it will be impossible for me to probly get past even Harmony. But I'm still gonna try.
  12. I'm currently trying to play through G3, pro-shaper, using only a Guardian with no weapon, Thahds, and Battle Alphas. And I have a couple questions about the Guardian. About how much damage is increased by a point of strength? Does melee weapons increase damage also? If so how much?
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to change the Lifecrafter model into the original (1 and 2) shaper. How do I do that?
  14. Something about needing proof I was sincere. I said I wanted to join her the first time.
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