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  1. Apologies for picking this up late, but you may or may not know that in AV1, you're able to sell to Healers for the maximum sellback value, regardless of your party's Barter skill. I found this to be invaluable because: 1) It renders the Barter skill unnecessary. 2) It's a boon to players like myself who prefer a 1-2 person party. 3) For obsessive players, it's a tidy way to dispose of loot. It's my opinion that Healers are located conveniently enough throughout the game to make this a viable option. Hope you're enjoying Avernum.
  2. Quick Question: I'm tying up loose ends, I'm in the Maze of Thorns, trying to help out the GIFTS. However, I'm unable to talk to the Widow Queen, as she's always hostile. Playing Romans. Not possible to parley because I'm Roman? Edit: I'm an idiot. I found the other way.
  3. @Alorael In preparation, I perused the entire forum, and the reverence you guys have for the game, particularly N/O, did not escape me. By posting, I hope that the game and it's well deserved respect will be appreciated and understood by a few others. You're quite right, results are what count, and magic certainly facilitates this end. However, being free of the compulsion to precede every fight with a flurry of bless, haste, hot key combinations, I'm finding it very liberating.
  4. I rarely post, however, after playing N/R for the past week, I feel compelled to write about this stunning little game. I'm a huge fan of the first Avernum Trilogy. I love the setting, the graphics, and particularly, the engine. I've always found it to be conducive to fast, efficient gameplay, and I prefer it to the second Trilogy's engine, although I have played and enjoyed those games also. So, given that N/R uses the BOA engine, I'm not sure why I never tried the game earlier, however, I'm extremely pleased that I did. Playing a party of three as the Romans, without magic,
  5. No, I did not, and having done so now has solved the problem. Thank you very much for clarifying this.
  6. Agreed. Fantastic job. However, I noticed that it didn't work for a few switches. The secret switch in Zhethron's library comes to mind. Any idea why this would be?
  7. While I can appreciate why many people requested larger dialogue text, I prefer the old size. As there is with in game text size, an option to control dialogue text size would also be nice.
  8. That's that, then. Thanks for clearing that up, I'll get on with the show.
  9. I'm getting ready to play AV6 and I've spent a little time adjusting graphics settings, just to see what looks and feels best. I'm playing on a fairly large monitor at full resolution and I really love the Partial Graphics option as it eliminates the border, leaving lovely uninterrupted, unexplored black areas as far as the eye can see. However, to my dismay, I notice that that this option also turns off the soft sphere of light when creating light, the soft edging of unexplored areas, and the amazing water effects. So, do the script editing(?) savvy folk out there know of anything I
  10. Foramon will train resistance only after you complete his Stone Circle quest. (He also trains magery and magical efficiency, but those are both cheaper from Shanker) Regarding Sorengard, apart from the quest-completion dialogue with Solberg, it doesn't change anything whether you kill him or not. He doesn't drop anything, if I remember. The choice is there for role-playing purposes only. So if you want some paltry experience, go right ahead and waste him. Personally, I let him go because I felt he was right about the whole Sentinel thing.
  11. Prismatic Shield is available from Tiacoura in Solberg's Tower, after completing her South Tower Sentinel quest. At exorbitant prices, mind you. I never tried it as my mage spell level wasn't high enough at the time.
  12. It sounds as though you don't have enough fire/cold resistance. I would suggest going through your item hoard and equipping as many fire/cold resistance items as is reasonable. If you completed everything in the game up to this point, you should have something along the lines of: Chilling band (+15% fire resistance) (If you cashed in the Rat Lord quest with Goodman Wolf first in Harston) Ruby breastplate (+8% fire resistance) Coated cloak (+5% fire resistance) Polar fur cloak (+5% cold resistance) Shield of warmth (+5% cold resistance) Drakeskin bracers (+2% fire resistance) S
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I'm assuming I can return to levels in order to uncover caches and reread spell books. On a related note, I understand that certain quest rewards/reading books involve the boosting of one stat or another. Is there a maximum level to any stat, after which I won't receive the bonus? I vaguely recall in AV3, in the Tower of the Magi, it was possible to gain a free point to INT, provided that your current level was no higher than 9. Again, cheers.
  14. Hi there, I've been reading the boards, readying myself for AV5. Will skill trainers train me regardless of my current level in that skill, or is there a cutoff/maximum level to which they will train me? Should I be holding off on certain skills until later, when I can purchase them without sacrificing skill points? (As in AV1, waiting until reaching Fort Draco, and then buying 5 levels of cave lore from Carlos for everyone.) Cheers.
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