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  1. No one remembers him because the DryPeak Campaign was a cover up pretty much.
  2. Any areas or rooms that can't be entered no matter what in G5? (For now *evil laugh*). Like the Gazer behind the door in G4.
  3. I always thought of Drypeak being near Bonepeak ruins and the secret access route, see the small indent in the mountains there?
  4. I use 2 War Trall which I edited into the first part of the game, now somehow level 41 and can prove one hit kills.
  5. Well the G1 one was the first, and was given the time for the creators make it compaired to the southforge one that was probaley rushed. Rawals was secret so not much work could be done to it.
  6. I don't see a plated clawbug, and it wasn't killed or absorbed. Might wanna fix that
  7. Yeah don't over do your editor. Make it faced on one thing, or make the editing parts choosable (Like if I wanted JUST magic modified).
  8. You adding an image on to a post you mean on a post? You need to upload it via Tinypic.com <-- I pefer it Imageshack.us photobucket.com Then post the link of the screenshot (It should say URL For Email and IM)(Or it should say Direct link for layouts) then post the link on your topic.
  9. Apparently she wanted to commit suicide? http://i41.tinypic.com/2145bif.jpg Thing is I stood too close to it and died...
  10. Well I don't remembering entering it but I suggest finding a spot were you can shape, bring a couple essence restoring items. Create a good creation like the wingbolt or kyshak to take down the golems, remember the 2 int each. For the wingbolts, use a magic resistent creation and do the same as above, but join the fray your self if you can, remember to use restore.
  11. Its control core B I think. You need to get the quest to fix it from Alwan.
  12. My ending was everyone lives, Litalia dies, Alwan Dies. Taygen is expelled. Astoria isnt trusted. and Rawal takes over...
  13. I just beat the game as Pro-Shaper. Anyway heres the last minute things I did... 1. Tick off as many people as possable. 2. Buy ever single thing then sell it. 3. Waste valuable items. 4. Let Greta live (You "HAVE" to kill her but I just ignored her after she attacked and the end cutscene confirmed she lived) 5. Destroy ever living thing (Except Ornks) 6. Use living tools on doors that I can open with unlock but not with mechanics. 7. Let Astoria and Co. kill most of the Drakons. 8. Kill Astoria and Co. BEFORE the fight is over 8.5. Use my modified blade to charm everything... 9. Laugh as Astoria Dies 10. Ponder why I became Pro-Shaper when I was a Trakovite...
  14. If you mean by trying to use the Geneforge twice then no. Or you can remove the condition in the script to use it more then once.
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