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  1. Aside from knowing why some games you "can't stand" and others are "tedious", it might be useful to know which games you like. I personally make better recommendations when I can point to a similar game rather than a pile of dissimilar games. Otherwise I may land on "Well, backgammon isn't like any of those games. Try that."
  2. Great tip! Will definitely consider it if I ever decide I need to up(?)grade from Mojave.
  3. From the version numbers I suspect you have "Avernum the complete saga", which are the original Avernums that won't run on Catalina. If you must run Catalina (some app or your mac needs it or you have no backup) and you have a lot of 32-bit GOG apps you could consider something like Crossover to run the 32-bit Windows versions in a bottle. It's an expensive solution, and often tricky (or for some apps impossible) to get running, but depending on how many old apps you have it could be worth it. Edit: They do have a demo version, so you can try it out for a short time to
  4. Granted. It is now forbidden to harm or interfere with Ornks due to their religious status. Soon they multiply, spreading disease, eating all of the food and causing famine. I wish to be able to play as a male Agent in the Geneforge reboot.
  5. Granted, and as a QoL improvement it works automatically, on the door to the pen in the zoo containing that hungry tiger. I wish for this game to end.
  6. Well, given that the smallest window in the drop-down list is 1024x768, and assuming 32-bit graphics it would seem that 24 MB VRAM might be enough if the game isn't doing anything special to use more. So maybe the minimum requirement is more of a suggestion, assuming the ginormous monitors that are popular today. Just a guess.
  7. Yeah, the town gates don't open so clicking on them when you are next to them doesn't do much, which is confusing. To leave a town/dungeon the important thing is to click on the dark-shaded area that marks the edge of the town/dungeon.
  8. At the border of all three vassals you will find a battalion of Haven soldiers, camped next to a fort/forest you need to clear to proceed. At this point you will be prevented from going further by the Demo Demon (or whatever).
  9. Cleopatra Jones, another fictional Cleopatra. Lyndon Larouche, because he always was running for president for some reason. David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls, because a topic this weird needs some Spinal Tap. Boudica (I've seen her name spelt many different ways, so I'll go with the wiki spelling) Princess Leia, to fill out the Star Wars set a little
  10. I think you can only have a certain number of courier (not normal job board) quests at a given time (maybe four?). So if you already have the maximum number of courier quests if you attempt to take more before you clear at least one of them they will not be added to your quest list and can not be completed.
  11. With no lead time, ending early, particularly if I find out after I am already awake that day. Once I get started in the morning I will never be able to fall asleep for another hour, so the hour will be wasted putzing around. I would much rather just start the day on schedule and end early. If I have a lot of lead time, then I suppose it doesn't matter.
  12. I should preface this by saying that this post is not meant to pick on you or anyone else in particular. Since this thread leads off with the issue of randomness in Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, I thought it a good place to respond. To me, there is a huge difference between an event being certain (0% fail) and not certain (> 0% fail). But once an event is uncertain, the exact maximum caps matters a lot less. And the difference between a 95% cap and 90% cap is frankly trivial, no matter how you look at it. Let's put some simple numbers behind it. Suppose you have an attack that does 1-10 dam
  13. A few omissions: Far-Fletch Clan (after curing neph village): Bows and Sharpshooter (pretty average) Almaria - Julio: Dual Wielding and Lethal Blow (expensive) Mage spells: Erika: Slow to Arcane Blow (exorbitant) Fort Remote - Thompson: Minor Summon to Arcane Blow (exorbitant)
  14. Do you enjoy discussing controversal topics? Despite the fact I am posting here, generally such discussions generate far more heat than light, so no. Where do you stand concerning the laws centered around LGBT? Full advocate, blah blah. But I wonder, what exactly are LGBT ideals? Do you believe (in the existence of) extraterrestials (life). As written, probably not, but I haven't actually met any extraterrestrials, so maybe that isn't fair. But with these edits, yes, provided we are talking about the most minimal definition of life. Sentient life, much less likely but possible.
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