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  1. Ahh true. I wasn't thinking about that... but I think it would still be amazing. Geneforge for Xbox sounds like a plan... but don't forget PS3 =]
  2. My first post here... So idk if this has been discussed before but I finally remembered the name of this game and found the forum... I would first like to say i have pretty much always loved geneforge. My uncle showed me the first one way back when, and i lost track of it at the 3rd release. this game is really nostalgic to me... great memories. Growing up various forms of video game playing has all lead to one major add-on; online play. xbox live, playstation network, whatever the Wii has and regular online computer play has been my main entertainment in gaming lately atleast... and if geneforge got that i think it would make my decade...or something lol. I was wondering what others thought of this... how it would even work. This isn't a suggestion... just some kid thinkin outloud... looking for input =]
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