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  1. ok.. thanx for replys.. now i will try to find some level 4 spells and buy it thanx again for shortcut tips
  2. i wonder is it necessary to be able to use these upper left menu buttons??to Finnish the game??? and other thing which is totally off topic but if someone explain me this it will save me from hours of searching.. i have a mage and that mage can cast level 3 spells.. now i invested in mage spell skill till level 5 and mage lore as well but i cant cast level 4 spels... so i must be doing something wrong.. now, what are prerequisites to be able to cast level 4 mage /priest spells and above
  3. Quote: That's to be expected. What cfgauss was suggesting is that you: Download and install DOSBox (which you clearly did). Somehow obtain a copy of Windows 3.1 (either location an old CD or use Google) Install Windows 3.1 in DOSBox. In DOSBox, type "win" to launch Windows. (Windows may be automatically launched when you install it, but this is still useful to know.) Install Exile under Win3.1. Play. Having done this myself, I'll point out that it seems to work quite well. Make sure you set the display to 256 colours (SuperVGA, I believe?) in Win3.1's control panel or whatever for bes
  4. ah thank you thank you.. i think i saw someone with training abiity... anyway i tryed the dosbox thing and no luck as well it says
  5. thanx for answer but can anyone tell me wich shortcut buttons are for character sheet where i can upgrade skill levels??? coz im in the middle of the some kind of cave most of my crew is level 4 now and im kicking pretty well!!!
  6. yes sir.. the upper left menus are not working.. well not that they are not working they just crash my game to desktop every time i press any of them..however shortcuts are working at least the one that i discovered.. like CTRL+S (save)now the biggest problem that i have is that i dont know how to level my party .. my wizard gained few levels but i dont know how to get to the character sheet window to set skill points that i gained i tried downloading again and reinstalling-didn't helped running EXILE3.exe in win 98/me and win 95 compatibility no help any other suggestion??
  7. Greetings to the community!!!! .. i just downloaded an exile 2 and 3 demo and everything is fine i mean all function's working well except those upper left side options.. nomather wich one i click from all thiese game crashes and i get back to desktop i wonder since these are old games maybe im doing something wrong and this issue can be avoided im running XP pro SP3 thanx in advance
  8. ok ... got it... now just to pick the right traits thanx
  9. damn.... i didnt saw it... uffffff.... i just equiped Piercing glowes that gives me anatomy +1 ufffff filling so stupid now thanx anyway
  10. thanx.. that makes things much clear now
  11. is it possible to steal somebody equipment that the specific person is wearing???... and if not... how the stealing works in avernum 5?????
  12. last night i started to play the game but i forgot to Asign TRAITS on my characters ...and im now at the front of NEW HARSTON ----- so its nearly beggining but i would like not to start from scratch.. so is there any any any possible way to assign traits once you started to play the game ... any if answer is yes.. please explain me how thanx in advance tindrli
  13. ok.. first of all hi to everybody.... just strated to play the game and im little bit confused...i started to play and i would like to invest points to gain those Special skills but now im confused.. I know that this is not first Topic regardless SPECIAL SKILLS but please help me resolve mine: in this topic SPECIAL SKILLS i saw lets say example ANATOMY and the topic says: Quote: Anatomy : 6 Intelligence - 8 Melee or Pole and in the walkthrough that i found on internet it says: Quote: Anatomy (Anat): 4 Intelligence (starts to cost 7) + 8 Melee or Pole (starts to
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