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  1. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Originally Posted By: Brock The Archmage Well, i would rather be killed than be forced to do things against my will. Boy, are you ever gonna have a hard time when you're trying to find a job. nah. I believe in contracts. If I agree to work for someone, I will fulfill my word, whether or not I like it. No, I meant truly FORCED to do something, as opposed to having a choice, however undesirable the alternative choice is.
  2. Immorality, eh? hmmm. Well, i would rather be killed than be forced to do things against my will. I would like to point out, though, that Mental magic is not as effective against those with a strong will, whereas Battle magic always is pure destruction. On the morality scale, I'd have to say a battle mage is equal to a mental mage. Let us not forget, though, the reasons WHY you use the magic, and on whom.
  3. I did the same thing, escept the roahes were after me. Also at the time, i was living in a real dive, and i woke up with a roach on my nose. I'll never forget that.
  4. I believe that the prize for testing is a copy of the game and that's it. That's more than enough of a reward for me
  5. Oh. I see. Then I shall stand by and hope to be one if he needs more! Hurrah!
  6. I would love to beta test for him, but he has a huge backlog of testers i'm sure. Plus, I think you have to be 18, and I'm not 18 until Nov 27, and i dunno when he is ending the call for testers or what.
  7. I use 4 mage priests, and each 1 specializes in 1 weapon type except the last one, that one is the potion maker.
  8. isn't the final number in that code the amount you want to set it to? so 4 canisters in G1 would be sdf 100 0 4? EDIT: thanks.
  9. I would laugh my pants off if someone posted a topic like this for anything else besides Exile.
  10. If I want to play God i will go play dominions 3 again.
  11. wow. You guys save a lot. I keep one save file, and save in it after each dungeon, and frequently anywhere else. I don't mind redoing dungeons, but that's only happened to me once, in A1 with Grah-Hoth, I didn't train enough. I usually am very high level for the point in the game I am at. Imagine a level 15 group taking out the bandit fort in A1. Uh-Huh.
  12. I know, I didn't expect a game reaction. It was just darn good fun.
  13. I killed her with a lot of shockwaves, and one mage with 2 rings of Will using MindDuel a LOT once her hp was down a little, and her morale was almost nonexistent. Gotta love lowering morale and hp, it makes Mindduel easier. I can't remember if I had to cheat to get 2 rings of will, but I only had the two. Anyway, once she's dead, nothing special happens. Her summons go away, and the room goes to any normal room. If Erika is there, she wanders around like a normal townsperson. Erika will still die during the endgame. Funny happenings. By the way, it took me 3 hours to kill Rentar, and a LOT of energy potion.
  14. I tested it, the cooling amulets protect about 5% from all fire, but it's one of those things not written on the character sheet. I dunno if it also does in Exile.
  15. I have to agree with Dikiyoba here, anyone mad enough to use that many canisters will not stay sane after 40, and sanity can't just be cured for money, it doesn't work that way. P.S. I will always wonder what would happen in G4 if you weren't made to use the GeneForge....
  16. NEVER gets used Alorael? Not even energy potions and all?
  17. No, i started with those traits and bought a bunch of levels, ending up with insane levels because it does give you the bonus levels.
  18. Yeah, I like using Arcoscephale for that, their unique unit that is really expensive does that AND is a mage, hehe nice. I need to get around to registering that game.... Also, i need to get around to registering G4, A4, and A5....
  19. I do do that Nalyd, but that doesn't stop me from pouting about it. Maybe I shouldn't always play with level 3 luck and level 3 turmoil
  20. Clarification: I meant if he REALLY wants to do it, as in life-real.
  21. Originally Posted By: Yelbis Eceer Nalyd Not since the Flagellates died out. Speaking of them, I have been playing a game called Dominions 3 a lot lately and I keep getting Flegellants joining my army out of the blue due to a "religious fervor". That's bad because I have to pay to feed them, and they are really weak because they often are missing body parts and are not very experienced warriors.
  22. there are many of several books scattered arund that are world building. by the end if the game I had 3 books of wild adventure, several extra copies of books wanted for quests, etc. there are a few more useless books as well.
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