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  1. Just put the sheet number into the Wall 1/2-field in the town-details and be done with it.
  2. The barriers can be taken down later, in a different place. You'll see.
  3. Red Herrings. But yeah, a rope like that exists. Don't remember where I encountered one, though.
  4. The cooling amulets are in the game, but I have trouble remembering their exact effect. As for the crystal, it indeed allows you not to face the crystal souls in a direct battle. Without it, you'll have to attack and kill the souls, after which a certain character won't help you in the end. Not a big loss, though, since it's in the end pretty easy to figure out what to do in the final fortress even without the hints from the mentioned certain character. I, personally, just bashed the crystal souls into oblivion and were done about it.
  5. From what I have gathered, there is already an 'Encyclopedia Ermaria' for the Exile/Avernum works of the community, yes? If so, I would advise against a similar name for the Geneforge-site. Both 'The Sucia Island Archives' and 'The Library of Sucia' don't convince me either, for a couple of reasons. A name for a project like this needs to be a catchy one. One that leaves a good, professional-ish first impression. Neither of the two suggestions mentioned before did this to me, so I'm forced to vote against them. So I'm left with 'Sucia Archives', which to me doesn't have any of the filler the other titles have, but yet gives the end-user the same information of the site, and thus results in a name that not only sounds nicer, but is catchy and easily memorable. But I am, of course, biased, since it was me who suggested the particular name in the first place.
  6. There's no real rush, though. The time limit is actually a pretty loose one, and allows for quite long sessions of total sidetracking.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furry_fandom And yeah, the furries are nephilim, nephils for short.
  8. The first differences that pop into my mind would be the lack of right-click-action and the quest log, that were introduced in A2. Also the item descriptions are even more vague in the earlier games, than in A3.
  9. As with all the continuous stories, progressing in order gives the reader/player/watcher a more complete view on the story, than starting from the middle, or going from the end to the beginning. But Jeff's games do tend to reprise the earlier events in some form or the other to the player, so you will be able to gather the main points of the arc. Oh, and in my honest, personal opinion, Avernum 2 is yet the best part of all the four I have played (Windows version of A5, hurry up!) plotwise. The third has a bit improved technical aspects, naturally, although the jump isn't as big as it was between A1 and A2.
  10. The number for Fire Lizard Eggs is 389. Just enter that and one will appear into your inventory. And in case you're interested for other items as well, here's a complete list, with loads of infomation .
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