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  1. I made it! I had a little bit of trouble with the Soultaker, and then I wandered around aimlessly for a while before finding the secret room near the coffin. After that, finally killing Gladwell was one of the most satisfying moments of A5 so far. I've been enjoying the game overall, so that's pretty high praise. Great game. This is the second Spiderweb game I've downloaded, the first I've registered. I think I'll probably go back and play some of the earlier titles in the series as well.
  2. Further north. Got it. Thanks for the directions, folks. I'll give this another stab tonight.
  3. I've reached the point in the game where I figure I should be able to get my hands on Gladwell, and I'd really like to take him out. I reached the village of Muck, and I spoke with an explorer who told me to look for some caverns that should let me reach Gladwell. However, I went east like he explained, and I don't seem able to find them. Are they connected to the Giant's Spire? There is a platform there that I cannot operate. It says I need to find a part to operate it, but I can't find any such part. Is this related? Advice would be appreciated.
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