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  1. Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Ahriman's Gift Sacrifice Betrayal at Krondor Battle Realms Baldur's Gate 1,2 and ToB Icewind Dale 1 Hostile Waters Genforge 1-3 Thief series Morrowind Age of Wonders series Quite a few more would make it on the list, or even replace these, depending on the mood.
  2. I checked all the files that didn't have a "z*" prefix, no luck though. Oh well...I'll just pretend that the guy who sold me the spells put the wrong label on 'em.
  3. I might be a bit late, but these seem to still work.
  4. Does anyone know what file one has to edit in order to modify the tooltips (for example the text describing a spell in the spellbook, etc) ? I ask because I started playing with the character abilities, like making essence lances hit three enemies, modded shocking rain into behaving like essence orbs, etc, and would like the text to remain consistent with the abilities . Also, is it possible to edit unstable creation into being.. well, stable ? Or are they hardcoded and always die when leaving an area ? Sorry for resurrecting this, but I didn't feel like creating a new topic.
  5. I first played Geneforge 3, and it still is my favorite game of the series. Next faves would be Geneforge 2 and 1. Hated the 4th and 5th Geneforges. Never liked the Avernums, never tried Nethergate. Did Jeff lose his story/character notes when he made the 4th and 5th Geneforge games ?
  6. Rogue dammit! ROGUE !
  7. this is what i get on the opposite side of the globe(relatively)
  8. Lyric


    Originally Posted By: dave s Well, hopefully you aren't in a profession like engineering, programming, physics of math that requires people to follow the state rules then. In fact, i am studying engineering, and if you read the post above that discusses the circle described by an electron when entering perpendicularly into a magnetic field, you'll notice that physics books have trouble in keeping with the "Standards" as well. Sadly, i have now found another occurrence: http://i.imgur.com/LXGap.png
  9. Lyric


    From the Wikipedia article: Quote: Similarly, care must be exercised when using the slash ('/') symbol. The string of characters "1/2x" is interpreted by the above conventions as (1/2)x. The contrary interpretation should be written explicitly as 1/(2x). Again, the use of brackets will clarify the meaning and should be used if there is any chance of misinterpretation. I see. Though, contrary to what the Wikipedia article states, i must confess that I am more drawn towards 1/(2x) when reading 1/2x .
  10. Lyric


    If i read from right to left it still gives the same result: 5+(-3)+2. Could someone provide a reputable source that clarifies my dilemma? Even a book that i could later read. edit: i started browsing through the physics book on my desk, it describes the radius of the circle created by a an electron that enters a magnetic field perpendicular on the field lines as: r = mv/qB. If i were to follow PEMDAS(or however it's called, i only learned that multiplication and division had higher priority than addition and subtraction, no mnemonics ) i should read it as r = (mv/q)B, but it is actually r = mv/(qB) This is becoming annoying :|.
  11. Lyric


    9+3 would equal 12, not 11. But you raised a curious point, why do i have to go from left to right ? Is that stated somewhere in the math books and i utterly failed to read it ? Edit: dave, computers do that because in most programing languages the multiplication and division operators are stated to be left associative, though i am not sure this is "hardcoded" in mathematics, and this is what i want to know. google found me this article as well: http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/57021.html
  12. Lyric


    48÷2(9+3)=? I saw this on some other forum, and it sparked a HUGE debate among it's members concerning the solution. I'm curious as to what spidweb members think about this expression. Click to reveal.. One might view the problem as (48÷2)(9+3) or as 48÷(2(9+3)) thus leading to different results. Clearly on paper one would rarely/never see such a poorly formulated expression, but is there a correct way to interpret the problem? Is there an "authority" that clearly states that the problem should be viewed as (48÷2)(9+3) or as 48÷(2(9+3)) ?
  13. Lyric

    Gaming quotes.

    "And... do try not to get swallowed whole. If the beast were to fly about afterwards and poop it out, irony would dictate that it would land on me. I couldn't take it." From Shale, in dragon age: origins...too bad the expansion and sequel sucked. Another one would be the famous "meatbag" line from kotor. The Legacy of Kain series produces some memorable lines as well: Raziel: "You said it yourself Kain, your coin only has 2 sides." Kain: "Apparently so, but suppose you flip a coin enough times and one day it lands on its edge." or Kain: "Raziel... the Abyss has been unkind." Raziel: "I am your creation, Kain. Now, as before, you criticize your own work."
  14. i think you can make your character glow too by playing with the game scripts
  15. Originally Posted By: E-Rose this champ looks like Napoleon: http://spidweb.com/images/avadon/AvInventory.jpg hmm, he kinda looks like him, though the armor and the red cloak add to the effect
  16. just replace the servile graphic with the drakon one, and voila !
  17. that's why shapers use rubber gloves!!! dooh
  18. Well, i have applied for the testing, hope to get selected, if not...well, i'll have just as much free time as now
  19. heh, the unbound failed to do that job properly? <<<<wishes windows version would come faster
  20. there is no shaper pic in g4, and when i tried taking the one from g3 i got a blank screen.
  21. go to the data folder in your g4 install directory, open g4itemschars with wordpad, and scroll down untill you find the begindefinecreature 48 line and change cr_graphic_template = 140 to cr_graphic_template = 110. Note that you cannot change the image displayed in the inventory screen to the shaper one(at least i can't). and this is far easier than copy/pasting the files an renaming them...
  22. is there something worthy to be found in that chest?
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