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  1. Originally Posted By: Nikmind Hi again Interesting to see that no one has been able to make a linux port of this one yet. It's nearly two years ago since I worked on this and my port is fully playable. My port is totally dead though and I'm not going to do anything more about it. Anyone who is interested in taking over the code? It will come as is with no comments or anything so take it for what it is. And I will probably not be much use in answering questions on the code. Don't remember much about it. Maybe Celtic Minstrel is still around. Remember him being interested in taking over the code. Take this as my way of getting some kind of linux version out there more or less quick Hope you can make some use of the countless of hours I spent on this. /Mikael I'd like to have a copy of the source code, if that isn't a problem?
  2. Originally Posted By: VCH Originally Posted By: Spidweb We are building up the energy to port our games to a new platform . . . - Jeff Vogel Interesting Probably a console port. That's the big thing nowadays. Originally Posted By: Spidweb All of our games, as far as I know, work on Wine. The number of Linux users who refuse to use Wine and who don't have another machine for gaming is a pretty thin slice of pastry. - Jeff Vogel I do use Wine, and I do have plenty of machines. But, I had been hoping (perhaps foolishly) that over the course of the years, you had been streamlining the dependencies of your game code to cross platform ones so that you could release a native Linux version fairly easily. Since Linux is what I use primarily, I generally prefer running games natively on Linux.
  3. Is there a possibility that Avadon will be available for Linux? If so, when? If not, why?
  4. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Niemand is correct; the old dialog format was basically a variant of the Carbon API's dialog format; that is, it used the Carbon format but re-interpreted the data a little. The new format, on the other hand, is XML. This means that the same file can be used by the Mac and Windows versions, assuming that there is code written which interprets and displays it correctly. I have written the code for the Mac version to load and display a dialog, but there are some problems that I have not been able to explain. For example, it fails to correctly read the height and width of the dialog. And there may be other problems that I've forgotten. Unless my recent upgrade to Snow Leopard magically fixes these bugs, it's not really ready for use. Somehow.. I doubt the upgrade will magically fix things. Snow Leopard mostly left Carbon alone, I think. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel As for wxWidgets... yes, that would be nice, but I'm still not sure if it's the best choice for this game. If there's a way to create multiple windows in an SDL program, that might be a better way to go. SDL cannot create multiple windows at this time. It is a planned feature, but I have no idea if SDL 1.3 is going to have it implemented or not. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Anyway, what I've written could probably be changed to use wxWidgets simply by modifying how it handles the internals, without touching the public interface. That's awesome. wxWidgets 2.9.x now has Cocoa support mostly complete, along with some other niceties. I'm going to try out wxWidgets 2.9.x again on my Mac and see if it can compile a wxWidgets program that I use a lot. Is the XML format handled by WebKit in Carbon or what?
  5. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Ah, yes. The refactored code still uses the Carbon API, unfortunately. It also doesn't quite work. All I've done so far is write the draft of the dialog code, create a DTD for the XML format and an XSL/CSS stylesheet for previewing dialogs in the browser, then converted one major dialog into the format for testing purposes. I've also converted some of the common dialogs too, such as the message dialogs that display one or two strings with an optional title string and an optional Record button... or the dialog that allows you to select an icon from a list. Why doesn't it work right now? And it uses the Carbon API? I thought you were trying to get it working with wxWidgets?
  6. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel ...not entirely sure what you're asking about here. You said that you refactored the dialogs into XML or something like that. How far along has that refactoring come and how exactly are these newly refactored dialogs are supposed to work in relation to the rest of the program?
  7. Originally Posted By: Cryolemon Originally Posted By: Thuryl ...unless we actually get the go-ahead to distribute the Exile series for free outright. And that seems unlikely. Actually. That doesn't. Given the current situation for the Exile series, he might actually permit it.
  8. *BUMP* It's been yet another month. It's quite obvious that Nikmind is gone and so is a potential Linux branch. So, it looks like a new one will have to be made from scratch... How far along has the dialog refactoring come? Actually, how are the refactored dialogs supposed to work?
  9. Originally Posted By: Cryolemon Originally Posted By: King InuYasha If it doesn't match what the file is for an unregistered version, it's likely to be registered, so that's all that has really has to be done then. The only problem there is that someone with a hex editor could just alter one byte of the shareware file to get around registering. You have to make sure it matches the registered misc.dat But wouldn't that be rather difficult given the varied keys used for registering?
  10. Originally Posted By: Cryolemon Well, since all registration does is change the misc.dat file, you could get an unregistered version and a registered version, compare them and you'd know exactly what to check. We probably would need Jeff's permission for any of this though. If it doesn't match what the file is for an unregistered version, it's likely to be registered, so that's all that has really has to be done then.
  11. Originally Posted By: w-dueck Ishad Nha seems to be able to pull info from the data files from the Exiles using mathey crap. I assume said mathey crap could be used by a modified BoE to load from--and convert--the data to be playable. However, I think this would mean that you could get around paying for the Exiles, since the registration is (?) done by the game, not the data. Thus, Jeff probably wouldn't approve of doing this. Well, there is an easy way around that. Figure out where the "valid" registration data is stored and use that to figure out if there is any registration data. If not, restrict to what the demo would be. Or, just not worry about it. The Exile series is not really playable anymore under 64-bit Windows (unless you use a VM of 32-bit Windows to run it), nor is it playable under current Macs. Jeff could probably chime in and give his approval. But, honestly, I don't think he cares. The games are quite old and they don't run under the latest versions of Windows that ship with most new PCs, since most PCs now come with 64-bit Windows, and OS X (Classic doesn't exist for Intel Macs).
  12. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Yes, with some alteration of the BoE code and permission from Jeff. It would be similar to how Nethergate: Resurrection is based on the BoA engine: the same underlying engine would be the same, yes, but there would be differences in the engine as well (such as the spell sets). Why would you need Jeff's permission to support the original Exile games with the BoE engine? It's not like you are creating new distributions of Exile series. You could simply have it pull the data from the Exile games on install or runtime. Although, getting his permission is a good idea if you want to make packages with the game data included.
  13. Couldn't the Blades of Exile engine be used to power the Exile games?
  14. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: King InuYasha How much of it has been ported to C++ then? A fair amount of it. However, the Windows version has different parts ported than the Mac version, and in a way incompatible with my mode of operation in the porting... so, I'm going to have to do something about that somehow. Originally Posted By: King InuYasha And while this is going on, are you planning on separating the platform-specific code out? In theory. I haven't really paid attention to it much so far, though. You might want to start comparing each file as you go and merge in the differences. Start bringing the codebase back to one set of files. I don't understand all the code very well, but I did run comparisons of files of the same name in osx and win32 folders and they are still largely the same. There are chunks that exist in one or the other, but most of it is identical.
  15. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: King InuYasha Porting to C# might not be a bad idea, No. I'm porting to C++. I do not want to go to C#. How much of it has been ported to C++ then? And while this is going on, are you planning on separating the platform-specific code out?
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