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  1. I just stumbled across this bookmark again, and I feel like I owe you an explanation, and an apology. I was over-ambitious. I admit that frankly. This started out as a simple, limited story, well-grounded in the games, but it quickly became so much more. I was overwhelmed by your kind words, and still flush from the excitement of finishing National Novel Writing Month. I was replaying Geneforge 5, and my mind was full of Shapers and stories, epic war and battle. But, alas, I was struck with my two biggest writing nemesi- overambition and lack of time. Through a combinat
  2. Wait a minute, what's that I...is that...an update? HOLY CRAP!!! http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=207476#Post207476
  3. Don't lose all faith...I haven't abandoned this project completely, but I do admit that it's slipped somewhat in my priorities...I promise that I will update it, however. Eventually. In the meantime, please accept this short story as a peace offering. It has no relationship to Geneforge, but it is an unashamed Conan tribute/rip off, so you might enjoy it. Click to reveal.. Greetings, reader. Know that you hold in your hands a full recounting of my life. The son of a human woman and a hill giant warrior, in my youth I have been a sellsword, a crusader, a legionnaire, and more.
  4. Originally Posted By: Shaper Tristan Ugh, it's like trying to read a book one chapter per week, this is definitly my favorite fanfic...... Though this chapter was far too short. It's not the whole chapter- I'm trying to post scenes as I finish them, rather than wait until I have the whole ~10 page chapter, hopefully eliminating some of the frustration. Thanks for the compliment, though- I'm glad people are enjoying it.
  5. Many apologies for the long delays last chapter- besides real life intruding, it turns out that army scenes are rather hard to write. The saga continues... Chapter Four- Hraki Castle “You WHAT?” “Ah…suffered three hundred and seventy-two casualties, including a hundred and four serviles and two mages, my Lady,” Beren said sheepishly, remaining on his knees. “You,” Lady Nariah growled, powerful hands flexing at her sides. “I trusted you, gave you resources and authority Shapers would KILL for, and asked you to do one. Simple. Task.” A pause. “Investigate and fortify
  6. OK! I (finally) finished Chapter 3! Only another five hundred words or so, but that was a mean cliffhanger I left you off on. I apologize again for how long you were left hanging- I hope to have the next section up sooner. A link for ease of access: http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=204985#Post204985
  7. Originally Posted By: Geneforgeisformeyukkyu I wonder what Beren Terino has been doing? Long term project. Raymond E. Feist novels. Finals. Girlfriend. Red Dead Redemption. Registering for classes. Editing my novel. Guitar. Sins of a Solar Empire. Looking for a summer job. Working on other stories. Jumping around like an attention-deficit rabbit hopped up on amphetamines. You know...the usual. Thanks for reminding me about this, though. A month without updates? I'll certainly try to rectify that before too long.
  8. Modern 'bulletproof' vests are made from extremely advanced materials and polymers, but they are not bulletproof. Completely bulletproof armor would weigh hundreds of pounds and make movement impossible. While Dn'arre firearms aren't nearly as powerful as modern ones, Shaper material science is far less advanced than ours. Shaped armor is very strong, yes, and would *probably* be proof against most firearms. I'd certainly expect plenty of bullets to bounce off. But that's not a guarantee, and if, say, a high-power musket is fired at close range, it might penetrate. I don't really know-
  9. Artilas shoot acid. I don't know what kind of penetration they had in the games, but they ought to melt right through iron and steel. But yes, I suspect a shaped breastplate would hold up against small arms, at least at decent ranges, given that it's stronger than steel- even in Napoleonic times, only muskets could penetrate a good steel breastplate. Also, while Dn'arre wizards are strong, they aren't that strong. They can do a lot of damage to an opposing army, but so can a Shaper, or a Crj'arre shaman. Certainly not enough more that they don't need armies.
  10. I'm trying to make all of the factions different, but balanced, to borrow a term from gaming. Dn'arre wizards have more powerful battle magic than Shapers, but they don't have the same kind of...environmental impact? Shapers do a lot more than just cast spells- think of all of the organic technology, from batons to mines to automatic doors (and, least we forget, plagues, which were hinted at from time to time in the games). To be on the same level of civilization, the Dn'arre needed something to make up for the lack of Shaping- technology. I want the factions to do different things. S
  11. I'm not dead! I'm not dead, and neither is this fanfiction! New scenes are up, as is a revised section on the setting (see the first page of the thread). Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I need to sleep and mull on how to continue. I wouldn't normally have posted it, but I wanted to reassure everyone that I'm still here, and still working on things. School, video games, and other writing projects continue to take up my time, but I want to say, again, that this story is NOT dead. I'm working on it on-and-off, when the inspiration hits, and it will keep updating, if slowly. Sorry for the lo
  12. Hey, guys. It's been awhile- I've been distracted by schoolwork and other projects (which might actually get published someday). But I'm back, and things are going to start to get intense here in New Terrestria. In G4 and G5 we saw the Shapers involved in a guerrilla war, but...things are going to be a bit more blatant here. I'm posting scenes as I churn them out- they'll probably be more in a day or two. Chapter Three- The Infested Swamp “…And he said that he would attempt to visit within a week or so,” Beren concluded his report. Lady Nariah nodded, absently tapping her
  13. Originally Posted By: Unbound Draykon because when a shaper makes a creation it takes some of their essence. as described as special fluid that only ones that can shape have. so when a shaper uses some of this 'essence' it is gone until they absorb the creation. but only gives part of their orignal essence back. to restore essence shapers have to stand close to an essence pool to restore it. then the process is complete. No, that I get. What doesn't make sense (without metagaming) is why when a Shaper makes a creation, then visits an essence pool, it doesn't restore all their essence.
  14. Thanks I do admit to making up battle creations, mostly to make sense of a disconnect I felt in the games. Some NPC creations (named ones) were smarter- talking thads and battle alphas, Greenfang from G4, and so on. At the same time, others (especially the ones you make) are virtually mindless. Some of the lore indicates that Shaping is a long, involved process, while in-game Shapers create creations in a single round of combat. It also, to me, explains why NPC Shapers could always make more creations then you, even when you're higher leveled- your creations are all battle creation
  15. Only insofar as we all know that a roc is a giant bird.
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