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  1. There is no "settings" under Preference. If you mean there is an option marked "Ask at startup whether to change resolution," yes, there is, but the whole point is that checking it or not checking it makes no difference at startup. -- Mal
  2. I start the program, it goes immediately to the start screen. Loading a game recalls it to 800X600. Then hitting ESC brings the File Menu popup, which includes Preferences. One of the preferences is "Ask at startup whether to change resolution," but whether checked or not, it does not ask when I start again. Kind of provoking. -- Mal
  3. I set up Avernum 2 after repurchasing it at GoG, and like a bit of a fool set the screen resolution at 800X600 instead of where it should be. The options menu offers to select screen size at startup, but it doesn't do so. So I am stuck at 800X600 if I can't figure out how to change it. So how can I change it? -- Mal
  4. Here is my candidate for all-time stupid question. Several scenaria that can be downloaded require a party of a certain level to play, and while some of these include a "trainer," others do not. As far as I can determine, no scenario can be started without first making a party; there is no way to "load" a party made for a different scenario. So, lacking a "trainer," how does one create a new party of sufficiently high level to play the scenario? Create one of first level and use the editor? -- Mal
  5. No such window in Exile 1. As I said, there doesn't seem to be any way to examine equipment, which also makes comparing stuff impossible. Ah, I see it now. Have to click "more info" box to look at the stuff. Pretty cumbersome. Glad he changed it. -- Mal
  6. I mean encumbrance in relation to spellcasting. You know, what armor can be worn while still allowing spellcasting. In Exile 1 there is no question mark, which is why I wondered. -- Mal
  7. I've started playing the Exile trilogy for kicks, and it looks to me like there is no way to find out what a character's ac or encumbrance is, at least in the first game. Am I missing something, or is this the case? There doesn't seem to be any option to examine or describe equipment (which there is in the later games of the series). I love the fact that there are six characters in the party, it gives so much flexibility. Wish Jeff would do a new open-world crpg with six-char parties, instead of cutting the number down even further. -- Mal
  8. In AEFtP it is called "Smite" and loses its bonus against Giants. So it is just another pole weapon, although the +1 AP is nice. Combined with Mercuric armor, you get 10 AP per turn, which should be good for two attacks. I think there was another thread about this weapon somewhere. I just noticed the Waveblade has the +10 cleave, and +8 to hit. Might make a good sword for a dual-wielding mage, since it does a bit less damage than the good swords. -- Mal
  9. Caverna Magica, Andreas Vollenweider: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPWVhBNu_MU Electric pedal harp is not for everyone, but it is sure fitting for Avernum. -- Mal
  10. I'm experimenting in one group with dual-wielding Steel Broadswords and one of the high-end magic swords. That way you get cleave, +5 to hit, and some decent damage. Steel Broadswords do as much damage as the high-end blades. AFAIK, only Demonslayer and the Venomous Sword among the high-end blades cannot be wielded in the off hand. -- Mal
  11. It's a nice idea, and I'm sure a lot of folks are going to be excited. But I prefer games where I can create more than one character, I'm not real thrilled with the Obsidian insistance on force-feeding a story to you, and I prefer pure turn-based combat. Other than that, it looks fine. I'm more excited about Wasteland 2, poisonally. -- Mal
  12. While obviously one can alter the character portraits oneself in the game, it might make some nice downloadable content if a few new portraits were done to add/replace the ones given. For one thing, there isn't a blonde woman in the set (how did that slip by?). Ideally, there should be 40 portraits minimum: 4 of each gender/hair color (black, blond, brown, red) and 8 for darker-skinned chars (4 male, 4 female). Might be something for the artists to do in their spare time. -- Mal
  13. I had a HDD crash and lost everything on the disk, but had backed up some things to an external HD. Unfortunately, my Avernum backup was corrupted, although the save games and some notes I took were not. One of the notes was my activation key for the full game. If I re-download the Avernum demo, can I use my current activation key on it? Or will I have to buy a new one? -- Mal
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