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  1. I have returned from my long exile, after my first year of college, and discover a whole new world to explore! In a relatively linear fashion, that is. Anyway, one of the things I miss most about the old games, particularly the old Avernum games, was the ability to really customize your characters. Now there's basically just four stats and a skill tree, with a very simple skill point system... whereas back in the day you had virtually limitless options. Not that I don't like Avadon's options, it's just that there aren't many. Oh well, I only just finished the demo material so we'll see how the rest of the game goes. Knowing Jeff, it's sure to be awesome regardless.
  2. I don't have a particularly good estimate, but Rawal's faction, if you can call it that, is not representative of a "complete" game. From what I've heard, at least. I haven't actually finished G5 yet.
  3. Actually, he's partially correct. In some of the loading screens, you see notes like "base material: scorpion" for the clawbug. However, humans are never used as "base material." Shaping humans is a big, big no-no under Shaper law.
  4. Originally Posted By: Alorael Taygen's group (definitely not the usual Shapers, but I don't think they get a name. Taygenites?) Taygenators.
  5. Nifty. I shall try to remember that for future characters.
  6. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan As flawed as the Drakons are, they hate a people(Shapers), not an entire species. The Drakons want to eliminate the Shapers, and then replace them with themselves. Huge difference. I don't like Taygen any more than you do, but the Drakons are just as bad. One could compare the purity agent to the Unbound, for example. Pretty early in G5 you hear about Unbound roaming around, destroying everything and everyone they see - and that means mostly civilians. That hardly sounds like the very specific targets you mentioned the Drakons hating. So basically it all boils down to this: Drakons hate Shapers, and are willing to cause any amount of collateral damage to eliminate them. Taygen - not the Shapers as a whole - hates Drakons, and is willing to cause any amount of collateral damage to eliminate them. Fair analysis?
  7. I don't see how Taygen's Armageddon is any worse than Ghaldring's. Both involve slaughtering innocents on an epic scale. And if you want to analyze the "intentions" on each side... seriously, the only difference between the extremists on either side is that the Shapers have demonstrated their ability to bring peace and prosperity (flawed as it may have been). The only moral/ethical choice is really a reform movement within the Shapers themselves, IMHO. Or else the rebels could settle for a G2-Awakened-style compromise. They certainly have the power to do so.
  8. I still think that Monarch is the G1 PC. But the chances are just as good that Jeff didn't draw any such connections that aren't mentioned in-game.
  9. G4 was actually the first full-version Spiderweb game I got. I then played them in reverse order, but loved each game enough not to mind the regressions in game mechanics and such. I definitely recommend buying them all if you can. And playing them in order, unlike me. ~Shaper Taliesin
  10. Finished the demo, and enjoyed it greatly. I thought Jeff designed the final fight very effectively - I was completely confused about... Click to reveal.. The Geneforge? Where did that come from? Rawal, you're so screwed when I tell the Council... just wait till I find a good heart surgeon ...and then when I made my decision everything cleared up, exactly the way my character was supposed to be feeling. I will definitely get the full version. ~Shaper Taliesin
  11. If all else fails, simply enter fight mode and "force-attack" using the sword-looking button that replaces your journal button. Edit: You can also anger them by targeting a direct attack spell on them.
  12. I wasn't expecting this to be out for weeks. What a pleasant surprise! Oh, download is complete. I must be off!
  13. Cool. Too bad I'm so busy with school right now. Maybe next time
  14. I've always sympathized with the Shapers as the party of order and reason, periodically wincing at their more intolerant actions. So Alwan is an easy choice for the good guy. Taygen and Ghaldring are both mass murderers. However, Ghaldring at least is only trying to destroy his obvious enemies, the Shapers. Taygen, on the other hand, seeks to obliterate all creations regardless of loyalty, which makes him much worse ethically.
  15. Aw, man. He was my favorite character
  16. It's good to think sometimes. Stretch the old gray matter, ya know?
  17. I would personally just make a new one, but then I've always been more of a disposable-creations Shaper. Looks like that might be changing soon, though. But hey, it's your game. As has been previously stated in various ways (and multiple topics), you should try solving your own problems before reflexively blogging about them. Besides, it's more fun that way, IMHO. Just a thought.
  18. Um that's nice... and you posted this because...?
  19. In that case, is the Talisman of Might an item you can find in the game?
  20. Battle Magic and Spellcraft, and it also depends what you're fighting. Maybe we could help you more if you gave us some numbers.
  21. Or unless they're G1 drayks, but that's another story.
  22. True... I also vaguely remember that he said something about the Shaper treatment of intelligent creations being an abomination. So yes, right spot.
  23. Hm. Could be. I never saw that particular ending.
  24. Originally Posted By: Slarty I'm not entirely sure Trajkov is in the right place The Sholai occasionally used serviles as target practice, which would probably put them in the same camp as the Barzites.
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