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  1. Every once in a while I find a book somewhere but am unable to buy it, and wind up spending years looking for it. I have finally tracked down and am about to read The Roaches Have No King (the title roaches try to get the main character to get a new girlfriend because his current girlfriend is really tidy and doesn't leave out any food they can steal.) Next up: The Gods Hate Kansas, which could be harder to find. (amazon.com is selling it for a hundred bucks!)
  2. The sad thing is that I, for one, am getting so wrapped up in these 15 pages of argument that I've been distracted from playing the game we've been arguing about. Anyways, I think we've successfully included that both sides need to fry in hell forever. Myself, I'm logging off and going back to trying to kill Moseh yet again.
  3. Note to Nalyd: you are beginning to seriously creep me out. (Particularly now that I've looked over the beginnings of this debate and seen that you were the one who argued in favor of a genocide of the drakons as too dangerous to live. A serious argument could be made that I'm too dangerous to live. For that matter, I'm beginning to suspect that an argument could be made that you're too dangerous to live.) Anyways, don't expose the deep demented darkness of your whatever the bleep it says in your location (I can't remember the whole thing) to the light of day, and I won't expose anything overl
  4. This is really getting to be quite a fascinating debate. I'm not sure what the current record is for most pages of replies, but I'm hoping this breaks it! As for what I intended to say . . . Maybe it's ultimately irrelevant which side is more "right." The representatives of neither seem evil in the classical sense, only blinded by prejudice-induced arrogance and fear (Shapers) or canister-induced arrogance and hatred (Rebels.) Therefore, the question is not one of dispensing justice, but of going with your heart and doing what you can to save those in danger, or else manipulating both si
  5. Originally Posted By: The Limper. You have a right to live- But only if you can survive. If you are slain, then you were obviously not deserving of life. They have a right to live, and the Shapers have a right to kill them. Sir, you do realize you're quoting Hitler's moral philosophy almost verbatim? I mean, even Ayn Rand thought that in pursuit of one's own good one must not commit immoral or illegal acts at the expense of others. And before anyone references Godwin's Law or whoever's law it is, let me state that I am not comparing you to Hitler. I am simply stating an honest resemb
  6. Responses to two of Ghaldring's posts: Actually, I think I least some of the examples of "is this really genocide?" might be considered genocide by official definition and maybe even morality. For instance, I seem to recall my 10th-grade history teacher telling me that one of the Allied higher-ups stated that if his side had lost the war, he would have gone on trial for war crimes after the firebombings in Germany and Japan. My Vietnam-vet father would be highly pissed at me if I called Vietnam genocide, but only because he considered it somewhat of the same situation our fictional drakon
  7. What really matters here is that everyone here can make a convincing argument for the side of their choice, using substantial in-game evidence. In other words, as we pause in our verbal assaults, we should give praise to our dear Mr. Vogel and those who work under him for creating such a morally complex game. I almost laughed out loud when I had to save a drakon from torch-wielding villagers in G3, it's such an inversion of the "save-the-princess" crud that so many companies put out. (Though if certain farfetched philosophers are right and the fiction of our world becomes true in another dimen
  8. Actually, I know why I stink at RPGs. I can never figure out which stats to up in which proportions, so I always choose some to ignore and some to balance equally, and make up for the resultingly weak characters by searching for holes in the enemy A.I. Now that Spiderweb has finally eliminated such underhanded tactics as "door-fu" (see Avernum 4 strategy guide), I am beginning to have difficulties. What I am hoping for is some advice as to what I should be doing differently. On my most recent attempt at Geneforge IV, I (Tristam, or the Warrior if you prefer) reached Moseh with my equipmen
  9. As of A3, Elite Warrior gave you a damage bonus, allowing you to reach the damage cap sooner but doing no good once you reached it. Apparently it now gives you Blademaster, but do you still hit the cap by the end of the game? Other than that, interesting stuff. A lot of it I never would have thought of.
  10. This is getting kinda weird . . . About the "pig sacrifice" thing: whether or not you do that depends on whether or not the parents you're rebelling against are pig farmers. I suspect that, if you eliminate the unearnest, I'm a religion of one. And really, I don't believe this stuff--it's kind of like that story about a guy who worships a water tower, not because he really believes it's an incarnation of the "Divine Ocean", but because the religions of those around him seem to him to be ways of promoting hatred. Besides, I'm a Socialist, and in America we're expected to be Satanists.
  11. One thing to mention, Evynissen (and I really hope I spelled that name right): the Guardian is more powerful in GF3 than in any other game in the series. I swear when I replayed as an Agent, I quit halfway through because she was so much weaker. And if anyone doesn't know what the bleep I'm talking about, I'm guessing they didn't use a Reviving Crystal on their preferred weapon.
  12. Perhaps there are two things I should explain. One: I'm a Satanist. Not one of those people who sacrifice pigs and consider lettuce an unclean food, but someone who honestly believes the Christian devil is a better choice than the Bible-style Christian God (not to be confused with the God most Christians I know believe in, which really isn't Christian at all, but tends to turn up in every religion when you question its followers closely enough.) Now that I have set myself up to almost certainly get flamed, let's move onto number 2. I tend to come up with weird theories whenever I encounter an
  13. I almost can't believe I have so little to do that I'm adding on to this. But hey, it's summer, and school's out, and if I get to the movies too early I might have to sit through a preview for "Space Chimps"! Back on topic: I really loved Avernum 2, but that might just be because I almost never got to play it. (It was on my brother's Mac, which he seldom let me borrow.) A1 was really fun, even if there were some aspects they improved later on, like adding a quest list. A5 is a solid sequel, and the combat disciplines are something I've wanted for YEARS. A4 suffers from Final Fantasy syndr
  14. Truth be told, I phrased this badly. I agree that it almost certainly is not an intentional allegory. What I really intended to play up was the humor potential in such an allegory. Think about it--if you support the Shapers and someone else supports the rebels, you can call them a Satanist.
  15. Just started replaying Geneforge 3, and I suddenly noticed--this entry in the series makes a pretty good allegory for the war between God and Satan in Christianity. On the one hand, you have humans who in this game are capable of summoning hails of fire and all that, and hence might as well be angels. They created the less-intelligent beings, including serviles who remind me, at least, of normal humans. On the other hand you have other humans who desire the power of the more powerful humans, and who are aided by serviles who desire freedom from the control of their creators. The powerful human
  16. My search for "The Secret" in "Geneforge series" turned up exactly 1 result. Would you please be kind enough to provide a link? Thanks.
  17. Hmm . . . has anyone else noticed that the world of Geneforge has very advanced and very primitive technology side by side, as if some really high-powered stuff survived an apocalypse of some sort? And did anyone see in G3 that not even the Shapers can remember the origins of, say, a Vlish, indicating that their records are lost? And might it not be coincidental that almost everyone who has funny-colored skin (green, blue, etc.) has magical potential? (Sadly, it's no longer everyone.) Furthermore, has it struck anyone else that it seems the people who have natural shaping and magical capabilit
  18. They're allowed. False alarm, everyone.
  19. It actually does look like if you build up Leadership and Mechanics really, really high, you can get through to the end of the game and the final battle without going into combat mode. (Luring a foe to an NPC that kills them apparently doesn't count, based on the message when you repair that pylon after using the Geneforge.) What you need combat to do is play the side quests--there's no way to negotiate with that drake with the dent in its head. Oh well. The fellow just to the south of the first rebel hideout who gives you all those quests does say that trying to beat the game without fighting
  20. Dammit, I've got to learn to check and make sure there isn't a second page of comments before I post! I just had a little thing about how almost anywhere works to stash items. I myself used wherever I went to heal up and sell things. (Then again, I had a small stash. I swear I bankrupted every merchant in the game with all the stuff I sold. Bought myself 30 points of luck with the money.)
  21. Regarding Mystic (still can't figure out the quote function, sorry): actually, Barzahl says that he was among those sent to destroy the Geneforge after the protagonist of the first game discovered its existence. He did so, but he copied the design. Therefore, it must not have been destroyed by the hero. Other clues: In game 2, some servile (sorry, don't remember who) references "another [shaper] who did not treat us as slaves." Therefore, the first hero didn't join the Obeyers. Also, the first Trakovite in game 4, Dewey or whatever his name was, talked of how Trajkov "sacrificed himself" in a
  22. Hello you all, Does the company Wild Tangent have permission to be selling copies of Geneforge 1, 2, and 3? It was through a program similar to Steam, named something redundant like Gamemachine Games and made by Wild Tangent. There was no mention of Spiderweb Software as the maker of the game, and the whole thing looked really shady. (Not to mention that according to Task Manager, the computer that had this program was using 80% of its CPU on 70 tasks even when nothing other than Task Manager was running--malware, anyone?.) P.S. According to my web search for ["Diner Dash" Geneforge]
  23. I've been going up to the posts by which Tobias marked his claims, but nothing's been happening. I thought maybe I had "checked" the claims and just not been told, but when I went back to Arianna I couldn't get a reward from her. Would someone be willing to help me out? (I'd like to get that quest off my list before I free Anemona and anger the entire town.)
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