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  1. I can't help you with an error that's only vaguely stated. Just to be sure though, you do have the most up-to-date code from GitHub, right?
  2. I'm not going to include the scenarios in the OBoE repository. Including them in a separate GitHub repo might be a possibility, though. (I guess I'd want to create an OBoE organization and move the repo over to it if we're gonna do that.)
  3. Uhh. What? There should be no places where you need to comment out a Windows include... any file that has an unguarded windows.h include should not be built at all on Linux. (I think all such files also have "win" in the name; naturally you also want to exclude the ones with "mac" in the name. However, if I recall correctly, you do want prefs.win.cpp.)
  4. Only 30 hours to go and there's still a "make your own quest" slot (if you have $1000) and several "add your character" slots. It's so close to that professional sound design goal; I wonder if there's any chance of actually getting there with so little time left? If those limited slots were all filled though it would bring it much closer!
  5. Still planning to do that? It's been like two days and I haven't seen anything.
  6. If you send she sends me the files I could probably put it up either at openboe.com or on my own site. My site has very limited bandwidth, mind you; not sure about ADoS's hosting.
  7. If you can get it working in Code::Blocks, Eclipse, or any other Linux-friendly IDE, feel free to offer a pull request so that others don't need to redo your work. For the record, I too prefer using an IDE; I've been using Xcode on Mac and Visual Studio on Windows.
  8. I'm pretty sure I was just building with scons (from the command-line) and using the built-in Fedora/GNOME/whatever text editor to edit the source files. I was disillusioned with Code::Blocks after trying to use it for a personal project. My guess is that most other people who contributed Linux code were doing the same thing.
  9. They probably could, but if you're just after the graphics, it looks like we also have an archive of them here. That might even be sorta more complete than what was visible on TrueSite's graphics section, as there were some broken images there.
  10. Is that a zip of the actual scenarios then? That's helpful, though different from what I've asked Richard Bacon about.
  11. At the moment the best you can do is download each one individually from the earlier link, sorry.
  12. If you could give me a list of all the descriptions and the corresponding downloadable filename, that should be helpful. I could probably use regexes or something to transform it to the required format. (EDIT: Also it doesn't need to be in any particular order, if that helps.) ADoS: Any objections to using the formatting on my website's download list for the scenario list on openboe.com? It means copying a couple of files from my website to openboe.com.
  13. ADoS: Is this where you're putting them now or was that already there? Could we get a brief (one or two sentence) description of each scenario in that list (including the scenario's actual title)? I'd like to insert said description into the "Description" column on that page. (It'd probably be better to have a proper index.html, but adding a description would be better than doing nothing.)
  14. If it was one of the experimental builds from my website, it's still there. The links in the forum header are actually outdated, but they should still redirect to the correct place. I'll update them though. If it wasn't one of the experimental builds, then I don't know what happened to it. The version downloadable from Spiderweb's site should still work, though they require XP or older (or WINE if you're not on Windows, and if you're on Vista or later you probably need something like VirtualPC to emuate XP). (Actually those builds may well work on Vista too, I'm not sur
  15. I guess both CalRef and TrueSite are down unfortunately... and I'm not sure if there's another place that hosts all the scenarios. The download links on my site still work, but I don't have any stable builds up there.
  16. Um. I'm preeeetty sure Exile 2 did not have autosave?
  17. Stairway is one of the few BoA scenarios I actually played, and from what I recall, "confusing" seems like a decent description.
  18. So I assume that means pacifists can't even cast summoning spells for example. In any case I'm not particularly surprised if all-pacifist is impossible.
  19. I've never actually tried it (even on just one character), but I think the strangest party I can imagine would actually be an all-pacifist party in Exile 2... I wonder if you can even win with that though? I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually impossible.
  20. Kelandon, I think you missed editing the scenario title into the post just before my previous one?
  21. Don't worry, just from watching it even I can tell it's not the best scenario - it could use a lot of polish (like getting all the doors to remember that they've been unlocked), some better dialogue (and quite a bit more, it's never fun to talk to someone and just get "They don't respond" back), and probably even some balancing. (I'm not sure whether your party's level corresponded to the "recommended" level, but it was clear that some enemies were way below you while others were overly tough.) I wrote it in a fairly short period of time for a contest, and haven't really revisited
  22. So uhh, I think you gave Bonnie a worse weapon there. The chanceblade uses luck as the key skill, and she only has 1 level in luck, compared to 3 or something in melee weapons.
  23. I mean, you can always save first, try it, and reload if you don't like the results. "Unusual ability" just means the item calls some code in the scenario. I can't remember if it can actually use charges, but from looking at the Ring of Enclosing in your LP I think it probably doesn't use charges? And I definitely recall seeing something that was a "once per day" item in your videos, maybe it was the crystal skull?
  24. Not gonna try the Ring of Enclosing, huh? (I can't remember whether it's something good, mind you.) Or that crystal skull?
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