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  1. 13 hours ago, Thaluikhain said:


    Huh, so, for example, you're in a store with a long counter (like most store in E3 and BoE, it seems), and if you are standing at one short end, the Shockwave spell won't affect someone at the opposite end if it's 5 or more spaces long?


    I think counters are transparent, so they wouldn't affect line of sight. If you had a line of pillars though, then yes.


    13 hours ago, Thaluikhain said:


    Also, how does it determine LoS if you are aren't in a straight line?  Say the target is 6 spaces above and one to the right, so there's 5 vertical spaces in two columns, which are you looking through?


    It just uses a naive line-drawing algorithm to figure out which hexes affect your vision. The algorithm described on that page only works for lines with small slope (less than 1), but Blades of Exile swaps the role of x and y if the line has a large slope (greater than 1), so it still produces a reasonable result.

  2. It's a degree of obscurity based on a sum of opacity over the path between the two tiles. A fully-opaque tile has opacity 5, so that's why there's a comparison to 5 in can_see. It checks a total of max(dx, dy) tiles to determine the final obscurity.


    Opacity is normally based on the terrain (5 if it blocks sight, 1 if it's obstructed but you can shoot through it, 0 if it blocks nothing), unless there's a fire or force barrier there, in which case it's 5. A web on the space increases opacity by 2, and a crate, barrel, or town special spot increases it by 1. When in combat, lava and pits are also forced to opacity level 5.


    This time I looked at OBoE rather than the original source, but I don't think there are any appreciable changes in this area (if there are, it's a bug).

  3. That argument does make sense, but… this is the code for shockwave in Blades of Exile (original version, not the OBoE source):

    void do_shockwave(location target)
    	short i;
    	for (i = 0; i < 6; i++)
    		if ((dist(target,pc_pos[i]) > 0) && (dist(target,pc_pos[i]) < 11)
    			&& (adven[i].main_status == 1))
    				damage_pc(i, get_ran(2 + dist(target,pc_pos[i]) / 2, 1, 6), 4,-1);
    	for (i = 0; i < T_M; i++)
    		if ((c_town.monst.dudes[i].active != 0) && (dist(target,c_town.monst.dudes[i].m_loc) > 0)
    			 && (dist(target,c_town.monst.dudes[i].m_loc) < 11)
    			 && (can_see(target,c_town.monst.dudes[i].m_loc,0) < 5))
    				damage_monst(i, current_pc, get_ran(2 + dist(target,c_town.monst.dudes[i].m_loc) / 2 , 1, 6), 0, 4);

    As you can see, there's a clear call to the "can_see" function. It seems odd that he would have inserted that by mistake.

  4. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read the forums very often, so if you want his opinion that much, you'd probably have to ask by email or something.


    Given that it changed between E2 and E3, and the manual never says it's supposed to pass through walls, I'm currently leaning towards it being a bug that he fixed in E3.

  5. Yeah, the link from the main page is outdated, I'll fix it.


    As for ADoS's issue, it looks like you need to omit the www. I'll look into fixing that too.


    EDIT: I was wrong about the www, looks like the webserver had crashed and my browser was just showing the cached page. Fixed now.

  6. Assuming you mean for a custom scenario, that's documented. Note that that's the documentation for the experimental version of the game; there are a few differences if you're using the original BoE. Most notably, the ID of an item graphic is different, instead of adding 1000 you add something else (I don't remember what, though). Also, the original BoE doesn't support custom missiles or explosions.


    Swapping out existing graphics totally works, but I wouldn't recommend doing it for any of the types of graphics documented on that page. It's fine to swap out user interface graphics though.


  7. 16 hours ago, The Almighty Doer of Stuff said:

    EDIT: Actually, did Celtic Minstrel implement this in OpenBoE yet? I know he said he wanted the ability to allow PCs to join the party, including PCs of different races than the preset three. I'm not sure if he did that yet, though. I don't think he did.

    I did implement this. I'm pretty sure it works perfectly (unlike some other parts of OpenBoE).

  8. If I recall correctly, monsters can drop items with that treasure value or a lower treasure value.


    The actual place_treasure function is indeed quite complicated… it looks like treas_char holds indices into min_chart and max_mult, which appears to limit the minimum and maximum value of the dropped items. The amt variable is how much gold drops, and id_odds is indexed by your Identify skill to determine the chance of the item being identified… the level parameter of the function is actually half the level of the monster that died, and the loot parameter is the monster's "treasure" value. It also looks like the rightmost column of treas_chart and treas_odds are never used, since both loot and j are in the range 0..4.

  9. 5 hours ago, osnola said:

    I was talking about CBoE: https://github.com/calref/cboe ( or more precisely, about my forked sources https://github.com/fosnola/cboe in which I'm trying to fix some bugs)

    That's not CBoE, it's OBoE. I realize this is confusing, but CBoE refers to an older version that only works on Windows.


    5 hours ago, osnola said:

    Yes, CBoE uses a different format for saved games: saved games .exg are now stored as a hierarchy of text files(*); it also tried to load old saved games (but I never tried that). Basically, yes, the new format allows to insert new values in some places.


    Also, it uses a new format for scenarios: .boes(*) and allows to read legacy .exs scenarios. So, if you play a game, it will only read the .exs scenario data, but if you want to modify an existing scenario, it will offer you to save it as .boes. 


    (*) there can be decompressed with tar xzf

    I'm mildly amused that you're explaining to me the file formats that I designed. ;)

  10. On 11/13/2020 at 11:44 AM, Just Fluff said:

    So... openboe.com is down, the zip files are not archived on the Wayback Machine, and the magnet link is also down. Anyone got backups? I figure I might as well just host everything on my Google Drive, since I started paying for it and now have like 100 GB of space.

    OpenBoE.com is back up now. I have no idea about the magnet link, though - how does that even work? I do still have it set to seeding in my torrent app.


    On 11/15/2020 at 1:48 PM, The Almighty Doer of Stuff said:

    Also the preset party is not well-made for the scenario right now.

    Just saying, but the preset party, and any other newly-made party, needs to be able to play through the tutorial.


    7 hours ago, osnola said:

    Yes, it can run legacy scenarios. On OSX, for instance, it looks for scenarios in "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Blades of Exile/Scenarios/" (legacy or new scenario) ; I have currently ~50 legacy scenarios in this repository and I finished about twenty.


    The only difference is that if you want to edit a legacy scenario with the BoE Scenario Editor, you can only save the modified scenario as scenario.boes ( the new format ). 


    This sounds like you're talking about OBoE, but I think ADoS was asking about CBoE?


    8 hours ago, The Almighty Doer of Stuff said:

    So if it uses a different format, can it still run legacy custom scenarios? I think I heard it only runs the default three...

    If this is about CBoE, it probably only uses a different format for the saved games. I'm pretty sure it can run legacy custom scenarios. Scenarios created with CBoE still use the .exs extension, so I'm pretty sure the format is 90% identical and only adds some new allowed values in some places.

  11. 7 hours ago, Motardo said:

    Yes, the 68k code was compiled with Code Warrior, which uses it's own executable format. I couldn't find documentation on the exact format so I had to reverse engineer it. I finally did get the Mac version of Exile 3 working, but I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet. I'm trying to consolidate what I learned from doing Exile 3 into a process that will make it easier to patch Exiles I, II, and Blades.

    Ah nice; and good to know you figured out a solution. I believe 68k code on MacOS was stored in the resource fork, right? Is that what you meant by using its own executable format, or is there something unusual about the code itself? I'm pretty sure there's actually a disassembler that runs right in ResEdit… but I could be wrong about either of those assertions.

  12. I despise the graphics (those pie charts look supremely ugly behind the tiny status effect icons) but the idea is pretty nice. From the sounds of it, this patch is more than just the graphics, right? I wouldn't expect the code to just support that implicitly…


    It's a little unfortunate that the Mac version is harder to patch… why is that, exactly? Patching the graphics should be easy on your Basilisk image as long as you have ResEdit, so I assume the problem is code-related?

  13. Nethergate probably isn't a major issue for that, since it's not even legally available anywhere… although I suppose some people probably still have it. That said, didn't it come after Blades of Exile? So if the original help with Blades of Exile works, then Nethergate's would likely be fine too?

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