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  1. Originally Posted By: CAJUN Dude its a game There is a difference between fantasy and Real. Your telling me he can ban me for cussing a role playing character,in a role playing game.Thats the most stupid thing I have ever heard. There is definitely a difference between fantasy and reality, but you were crossed the line by publicly posting that here. By doing so, females or other sensitive males are able to read that, and perhaps take offense. Also, attitude towards a moderator can often get you banned.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215037 Mid ranged graphics card, quad core, 4gb ddr3 ram, and only 500 gb HD though, but best bang for your buck in that range. The only setback, to me, is the 5400 rpm HD, and the fact that it is so popular as to run out of stock a few days after they restocked it. I have no doubt that acer will do so again though because the laptop is selling quickly. Last time I saw, the laptop was sold for $629. Hey, you could always buy another hard-drive and switch them out, or just use an external hard-drive Edit: Oh dang it, this is what I get when I do not read the last page, and only read the first.
  3. How would one balance obtaining dexterity, and the shaping skills? I know that you need 10 in the missile skill, but could someone give me a guideline as to how I should train my other skills like dexterity, intelligence, blessing/mental magic, and shaping? For example, by level 5 or 10 I would have XX dex, XX int, XX in magic, and XX in shaping. Or maybe a guideline as to what kind of stats I should have by the time I finish an island because I tend to use both vlishes and the missiles, but have no idea when to build for either, and how much.
  4. When should a shaper come back to take the second test? Like, what level should I come back, and with what creations? How do I kill those golems with nearly 1000 hp?
  5. Originally Posted By: Death Knight Ok i managed to finally beat this game. After making it to the boat, i watched the small movie and am finally done. I have to say, though it was a freakishly hard game and it tested my patience countless times, im glad that i can say that i beat it. I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way, and had patience to listen and put up with my frustration. And jeff of course for making the game. If you want something that will try your patience, you should play geneforge 3. On another note, I never realized how spoiled I am from the newer games. Looking back at the graphics of geneforge 3, Jeff's graphics have come a long way, at least to me.
  6. Originally Posted By: MMXPERT avernum remakes sound quite nice too,and as for avadon-there is still hope.After all, people havent --- it yet. I think that the mod was trying to tell you to not talk about piracy in general.
  7. Originally Posted By: MMXPERT Or is geneforge 3 the best of the series? It seems to be the longest game,has the best plot I have seen so far,has a neater system then 4 and 5,and is HARD.Just the way i like em. agreed? You seem to have the opposite opinion in comparison to everyone else around here.
  8. Originally Posted By: Lilith Originally Posted By: Randomizer If only the reward for retrieving Ahmed's Libram was equal to its difficulty. I think the idea is you're supposed to avoid most of the salamanders the first time through. This is easier said than done, though. The worst part is if you're trying to play a solo-sorceress for replay value, and that is your first time attempting the quest.
  9. Originally Posted By: Lilith Originally Posted By: Sade Originally Posted By: Randomizer I don't know if you have to kill Duke Gryfyn to become a Heart. It seems that if you spare the Duke, you have to lie to Redbeard that you've killed him to become a Heart. Man, that's gonna lead to an awkward moment when he finds out the truth. You can always blame it on some kind of spell that messed with your head or something.
  10. Oh man, this is starting to make me feel as if Andras might get back-stabbed by that Beta once it starts going crazy. Best of luck to you Andras.
  11. THANK YOU. I can't even remember how long it has been since the last fan-fic. <333
  12. I absolutely hated that fight, I tried reloading over and over again until I just gave in and cheated. Worst part was, my fight was on casual so I have no doubt that fight would have been much harder on torment.
  13. Talk to Heart Miranda after you are finished.
  14. Can you describe the method in more depth? I'm trying to steal his hoard, but he keeps killing all of the ogres before he moves away. Do you have to bump the difficulty down or something? I'm playing on torment.
  15. I do believe you are able to choose from any four of your NPCs teammates once you leave Avadon. There are three areas outside of the castle, but they also seem much larger than Avernum games. From my point of view, Avadon seemed very short compared to Avernum 6, but that is probably because of the way you have to return to Avadon to receive new quests.
  16. Click to reveal.. Once you come out of the cave, and there are soldiers patrolling and looking for you, go up the map.
  17. After a certain amount of saves in only one slot, the game data tends to become corrupt. It seems that in the WW when fighting the boss and his shaman, I found that I couldn't read the info on my items, and that the monsters did not attack me until I initiated combat mode first. At least I get to explore a lot of places and loot the items
  18. You sir, are a genius. If Zethyron wants your help, he had better pay up.
  19. Originally Posted By: NakedLunch Hi! First of all, for some strange reason I've never played a Spiderweb RPG before. I tried the demo for Avadon just recently and quite enjoyed it. Now I'm considering buying the full version. I was just wondering how long the game is. If I mainly concentrate on the main plot and do some occasional side quests, how long will it approximately take me to beat the game on the normal difficulty setting? Thanks! It would probably take you around 2-3 days if you play 10 hours a day like I do, or maybe a month if you play very little. I played the game on Casual because I'm a noob so that might not help that much to you.
  20. Originally Posted By: ChrizzlyBear I'm stuck on this quest too, for the same reason. Can someone give me the precise location of the trapdoor? I'm pretty sure I checked almost everywhere... You know where you killed the outlaws and let them go (for jennell's loyalty)? There is a storeroom at the bottom right of the map, and the trapdoor is just above/right of that refrigerator thing. Edit: if that wasn't specific enough, I took a screenshot of where it is. The trapdoor is where I circled with a spraybrush in paint. Edit2: Provided link by request http://i51.tinypic.com/ekpbvc.jpg
  21. "Why won't you die?" - Austin Powers, also grats to Masquerade on 69th reply.
  22. I'm loving the ending where you kill Redbeard. Makes me feel all bubbly inside for some reason. Also, I never knew seviln was black at all. How long did it take everybody? It took me like 2 hours on casual o.o
  23. Woah o.o, I felt surprised at Lord Gryfinn's betrAYAL of shigas!
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