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  1. i'm using windows xp and which version of C whould i use/learn. where would be a good place to learn it.
  2. Alright so i went looking through the forums and i need a little help compiling the source code. Alright so i download the source code... can i get some step by step instruction on how how to compile it. PS i'm trying to learn java and i'm wondering if there is a program that can like translate code into another coding language then edit it and move it translate it back.
  3. I liked exile more cause the graphics were cooler and because you can have six characters instead of four
  4. why is nethergate 5 dollars more than nethergate ressurection. Is the first one better?
  5. Since exile is a pretty old game (but awesomer than any that come to mind) i wanted to know if anyone here plays populous: The Begining
  6. I obviosly have alot of work to do before i should have even told you guys about my website... critisize my sisters website www.dryicesnowmen.com
  7. wow i fixed it... wierd all i did was delete the shortcuts and create new ones, i guess my shortcuts were corrupted they were a different size and didn't have the icons. And then i just restarted my computer... thanks anyway
  8. i haven't played exile III in a while so i opened it up and was gonna start a new game but the text that said New game and load game and stuff was blank so i hesitantly prodressed forward and then none of the charector names showed up in party creation si i knew something was wrond and continued playing. Then i tried to talk to someone and there was absolutley no text to talk to him with, is there a way to solve this without reinstalling because my sister has the discs. I don't get either of these problems in blades demo or exile two. there were a few other minor strange symptoms not worth men
  9. ok so i made a spelling mistake ok geeze.
  10. to be able to play exile... but there are other ral people walkin around you can interact with
  11. I never really got into exile 1 although it looks fun and in exile 2 you have to spend forever levelin up before you can go onto the actual plot which is kinda annoying but exile 3... i recieved that demo from 250 best arcade games disk and it was AWESOME so we ordered the entie trilogy.
  12. well i think it's an ok website considering i made it with dreamweaver 8 it aproximetley 2 days. i'll edit the forum thing and i need... content. The muffin thing is a mini-series about people fighting over magical mufins falling from the sky and you don't own all muffins! besides it's leaning toward cancelation. oh and were can i fond Jeff?
  13. which or the exile series did you find the most fun or just liked the most for any other reason?
  14. personally i think exile is a better game and the graphics have more appeal but do you guys like Exile or Avernum better?
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