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  1. Yes and I'm okay with it as long as he is in pain I'm pretty happy. EDIT: It's kinda funny that when I first came here I thought it was to discuss these games and as I slowly learned how wrong I was I suddenly meet Iffy who just makes me outright hate the website with such fury I tremble in rage whenever I hear his or the website's name spoken. Edit: What's even worse is that nothing I can do can make him miserable and I have spent so many pointless hours on this website learning almost nothing of value (concerning spidweb games). And yet even worse I will never be able to get him ou
  2. I've been fighting with Iffy for as long as I remember and I'm not trying to use him to bail my butt out but mroe saying that half the things you don't like that I say I'm saying to either piss off Iffy or Fight with him in some way.
  3. You know I really think the problem of people whining about me wouldn't exist if Iffy would stop making smart-ass comments about thing he knows nothing about.
  4. Yes and you have some strange desire to make me suicidal Iffy so yuo telling me to do something is not productive.
  5. I can spell fine I just have a lot of typos. And I hate the crones!!!!! They are so ****ing annoying with that death curse thing that they got.
  6. I'm thinking about those 3 *****y withces what were they called again?
  7. Wouldn't killing week enemies be quicker than the Xian Coin, I tossed the coin the minute I got it and very rarely went back to pick it up again.
  8. I have changed my opinion after replaying G4 and say that one was the best because of the spells and ability for a Agent to kick some major ass unlike the others.
  9. Grah making me work. Your post is quite confusing too. What I meant is that the farther you got into the game the easier it got but with A1 this was untrue compared to A2 which you could say the same with A2 compared to A3. Does this make sense at all?
  10. It only has disaster for the one going through their scrpts and tinkering.
  11. Whay did geneforge four have a specific name instead of just geneforge four like the rest of the geneforges?
  12. I remember playing Exile for the first time and hating it because I couldn't figuire out why I kept dying not realizing how food works. Once I finnally did realize what was wrong and started to love the game everyone I showed it too had the exact same problem and hated it until I realized why they were hating it and fixed their problems. I find this to be somewhat problematic.
  13. I meant something else in my post and don't feel like fixing it.
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