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  1. In honeycomb ther is Dragon lair. I have question, is ther other way to open this lair tahn havin 28 tool use or powered unblock door spell?
  2. Hmm you are all very helpfull truly. I said that i copied whole game folder and saves didn't copied. Yes in game folder in data folder i have folders Save0-Save19 so what?? i copied them with whole game folder, i copied them manualy and it's still don't work. SO PLEAS LEARN TO READ OR DON'T RESPOND IN THIS TOPIC
  3. I have Windows. and i copied whole folder from one laptop to second, and it's still don 't work:(
  4. Not so easy, this files can be found in Game Folder and i copied them, but i can load saves:) and game dont show them, Save slots all shows "empty"
  5. I know it is noobis but i have to play on 2 laptops, and i want to transfer saves between them, and i don't know how to do it. I copied whole game, but saves dont copied:/ Plz tell me how to transfer Saves between computers.
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