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  1. So before I went in to fight Lysstak, I went down where the sliths are; but when I tried to leave to go back to town and heal up, the lift's in the down position again. Since there's no "holy crap! tricksy bastards!" dialog box, I assume this isn't supposed to happen. In old avernums there was a "pull out of town" option -- does that not exist in this one? (I guess it can't, 'cause there's not really a town/outdoors dichotomy in the way there was in the others.) What can I do? I'm not in nearly good enough shape to go up and fight the bandits now, and the door to the Harkin's landing bar
  2. I'm trying to milk every last bit of joy out of the demo that I can while I wait for a check to clear so I can buy the game. It seems like all that's left to do is a frontal assault on Bargha. Will this bollocks anything up for me later? It seems unlikely that there'd be a completely irrelevant city, but it also seems unlikely that there'd be overtly hostile people who are willing to fight at a moment's notice unless it's OK to kill them.
  3. Thanks; I'm still not used to the A4/A5 style of secret doors. I miss the walking-through-walls days (though I suppose if I'd tried that, it would've worked).
  4. I've not registered yet; I think I've looked everywhere I can go while unregistered, and not found it; it seems like you need a boat to do what you're suggesting. Does this mean that, although it's part of chapter 1, it's not part of the demo?
  5. I keep hearing rumors about a ruby skeleton and a waveblade in a secret area near the black wight. How do I get there? I've looked all over the area and can't figure it out.
  6. Where exactly can I find Lark? I can't seem to find hir.
  7. I went downstairs in Galag-Trav, and the upstairs map reset, which means the gates closed and the buttons are on the outside; is this supposed to happen? How the hell do I get out? Cheers, Per
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