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  1. Right- Small error report for release 4 of BoE, downloaded from Khoth's site. I can't seem to create new scenarios. Each time, after I'm told to wait a while for the editor to create my scenario, I get the following error: I haven't seen this mentioned before, and I wasn't sure which thread this should go into. So here it is. For the record: I'm running Mac OS X 10.4.8 and I have 512 MB of memory. PPC processor. Any help is appreciated
  2. Is there no way to compile it and then run it in Classic mode? I do know that carbonizing is required before running it natively in OS X, but I'd think that there would be some way to compile it into a classic application. However, I know virtually nothing about the process, so I might just be babbling meaninglessly.
  3. Could someone help me a little? I have no knowledge of how to compile something like this (running Mac OS X Tiger), so I would appreciate it greatly if someone would find the time to either give me a link to a page containing instructions, or write something simple out himself. Or something. Anything is excellent.
  4. The "Designer FAQ" link is broken, it seems. If someone could do anything about that, it would be grand. I apologize if making a new thread about it was not appropriate, I'm still a noob around these parts *grins*
  5. Does this mean the game will be available for free? I'm just wondering, because I've been planning to buy the game recently, and if it'll be free, I'd rather buy Exile three, instead. *grins*
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