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  1. He's said he plans to remake Avernum in 2011 after his brand new game: http://jeff-vogel.blogspot.com/2009/07/joy-of-rereleasing-old-games.html
  2. Um.. they still do? Check out the screenshots, the Slithzerikai look pretty lizard-like to me, and the Nephilim look as feline as they always have.
  3. Another lurker here. Wanted to show my appreciation. I liked having the character's picture with his equipment at the top and the pack underneath. Other than than great job!! Definitely send this to Jeff! Ask him for a job!
  4. I believe we're long overdue some screenshots! >
  5. Originally Posted By: Randomizer No one wants to buy him out to sell the game rights to would do it online. What?
  6. This sounds like it is going to be soooooo epic! I simply can't wait! I think the two things Id most like to see in the game are: 1. the ability to roam free in world and just ignore the plot for a bit (like Avernums 1 and 2, and 3 except of course that stuff changed if you messed around for too long in 3). I missed being able to do that in A5 and while the linearity of it was good it didnt feel like clasic Avernum gameplay. and 2. I hope it feels as epic as it sounds like it's going to be. A lot of people complained when Jeff updated the engine for A4 that without the "outside" Avernum
  7. Originally Posted By: Desmarestia My first playthrough of Exile I took nine years. I think they were referring to play-time. If that too was what you were referring to then... Dear God.
  8. Originally Posted By: Thuryl And always remember: "drow" should be pronounced to rhyme with "bow", not "sow". That's not very helpful considering that "bow" can be pronounced two ways depending on whether you mean bow as in "to take a bow" or bow as in a bow and arrows; as can "sow" depending on whether you mean sow as in to sow seeds or sow as in an adult female pig.
  9. I would definitely like to see the open world we had in the early games return; Spiderweb Software games seem to have been getting more and more linear (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). A return to the surface might be nice also. Oh, and I liked the old control system better too, it was much better suited for he turn-based engine.
  10. Originally Posted By: The Once and Future Pluperfect There are no area spells in Avernums 1-3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what about cloud of daggers?
  11. What's the difference between these versions of Exile I & II and the versions on the spiderwebsoftware.com website?
  12. The Tower of Magi (while it was still standing). I'd love nothing more than to train to be a mage and learn all the many wisdoms of Avernum.
  13. Have many people tried making 2 and 3 people parties? Because I've really been enjoying playing with them. My logic for the 3 person party is that whenever I make a party on an Avernum game there always seems to be one person who is the "runt" of my party. So I decided to eliminate one person and go without an archer. My party consisted of a slith with pole weapon skills (who's role it is to take damage and inflict large amounts of damage), a human mage with potion making skills and arcane lore (who's role it is to cast mass damage spells and summon things) and a human priest with natur
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