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  1. I think I remember a project to update boe a few years back
  2. I remember the sequel announcement (or maybe he just mentioned that he was thinking about it on here and it wasn't really an announcement) and was wondering if anything was being done with that anytime soon. I also think I remember the first expedition being speculation and all he said was sequel, but i could be remembering wrong and i don't feel like looking back for it right now.
  3. I think soldiers in the original avernum 2 had more clearance
  4. dying from lack of food is one thing I hated about the exile series.
  5. well, I mean, his quests definitely benefit himself. he's always been that kind of guy.
  6. there were already a couple cities that didn't play a major role in avernum/exile 2, so i guess the answer is maybe. some possible answers:no major role, because the empire invaded it and it's a major base that we can't enter. major role because it's a major base we can enter. major role because kyass is putting his problems with avernum aside for the time being, or at least sees the empire as just as much of an enemy. major role, but only because the empire took it over and decided to change its name to harston. i want to say this is impossible, but 4 had an ending where you didn't have to kill rentar, so i guess anything is possible, after all. i can't think of anything really better than the canon ending, though. maybe some bad endings if you pick the wrong guilty party. as for myself, i'd like to see a return of hostile1 and hostile2. it's not something that'd be used often at all, but seeing archers from 2 cities at war with each other (i think spire and bargha in 4, but my memory might be off) seeing each other...and then shooting only at me..just kind of bothered me. i might just ragequit if the zombies and empire soldiers in that one fort in avernum 2 don't fight each other just as much as they fight me. other than that, more new magic items.
  7. I miss the holidays. I don't remember them being in avernum either, though.
  8. Even the final fantasy series has had ninjas since the first game
  9. I'm going to assume you're new to the series, since that's what it sounds like from your question. The second game-which, as was previously mentioned, will probably be called crystal souls-takes place a few years after escape from the pit and the storyline happens as a result of escape from the pit. It's not like mk9 where it follows the storyline of the first three games in that series. It's impossible to do something like that in this series because your heroes are different people.
  10. Sss-Chah


    Originally Posted By: Nikki. There is a greasemonkey script (for Firefox), which allows users to see the joining date of memmbers here, rather than their member number. I think Niemand wrote it too, actually. I think this should cast some light onto this thread. it also shows the join date on chrome.
  11. there definitely was some really, really heavy armor (there was at least one person who drowned because he fell on his back and couldn't get up), but that was the exception to the rule.
  12. Originally Posted By: waterplant Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES http://lemmingexplodes.ytmnd.com/ Is that from the Disney doco? The music is kind of cool. haven't played the game in a long time, but pretty sure the music is from that. obviously, the image is.
  13. i think i remember guessing 870 for avernum 5
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