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  1. Thanks Randomizer, I'v Destroyed the Crystal in third floor! now off too the Alien Beasts...
  2. Exile 3 I can see the Northern Spire on the map, and a cave entrence, How can i get to the Northern Golem Spire, I need the kill that Cyristal thing in there. I Can't fly to it, the high montions stop that... THANKS!
  3. Thuryl, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU RULE now I can add those modified weapons !!!
  4. no, i'm trying to edit the demo file that came with the game "bladbase.exs" i want to get to sweetgrove town, and put some modified weapons in it! I'v done this years ago, but i'v forgotten!
  5. Im new to the editor, how can i change from one city to another ??? I get the message" Error! The number is out of correct range. (0 to the number of towns minus 1) I'm trying to edit the free verson i just downloaded. i'v tried but i can't do it. Thanks
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