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  1. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Quote: Originally written by Aethereal: does this also mean BoA is going to be a universal binary sometime soon too? Um, if I'm not mistaken, Spidweb has released updates for most of its recent games (including BoA) to make them compatible with the latest versions of everything. My mistake. I didn't have the latest version downloaded and didn't notice that the version number on the website didn't match the installer. I registered Blades of Exile way back when, but I never actually ordered a copy of BoA. I should get around to that some day.
  2. I'm absolutely gonna buy this Since it uses the BoA engine, and it is going to be a Universal Binary... does this also mean BoA is going to be a universal binary sometime soon too? (And A3? Oh pletty pleeease?) I remember how excited I was when I tried the original Nethergate for the first time... the engine blew me away. It'll be nice to reminisce in an even better engine. Anticipation++;
  3. Quote: Originally written by Tyran: The same is true for my MacBook Pro 2.0 GHz. It's really sad that they run better in emulated Windows than in OS X Indeed. This is why it is helpful to have both a PC and a Mac... or just bootcamp your mac
  4. The Avernum trilogy runs unplayably poor on my 1st Gen MacBook 1.83ghz too Running OS X 10.4.9. I've tried universal-ising an application before... and it was only a couple hundred lines of code and it drove me nuts. Mind you, I'm still learning Objective-C so all those compile errors were Japanese to me I can only imagine how busy you guys are at the moment, but if you could spare some time for us poor Intel mac buyers, I'd be incredibly grateful. <3 For the time being I'm gonna play it on my Windows machine
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