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  1. Duh. I just missed it being in such plain sight. Thanks
  2. Given that no-one else has commented, I must be missing something... how do I get in? None of the doors drop, the adjacent servile has no relevant conversation paths, and there does not appear to be a key/lever/whatever anywhere in the area....? Thanks!
  3. Disclaimer: I didn't find anything too hard; I was *delighted* to find some difficulty. That said, the two most difficult-at-the-time were the fiery demons in the bat cave (because I tried to do them too early; but heck, it was just bats and rats down there, right?) and the slime-summoning Slith leader (Tsschik or something?) because I failed to manage his hp to avoid being too swarmed by threshold-triggered summons.
  4. Yes - but once I got to the Spire Fort without thinking about it, I figured I was caught red-'anded, guv'nor. Would have been nice for Dexter to hear about the capture, I guess, is all. No big deal.
  5. Yeah, I realise. I would like to go beat up Dexter for sending me into the abyss with dubious herbs, too, but there's no option for us to even discuss their seizure. Oh well.
  6. OK, another minor point. But should not the mage (in Patrick's Tower, I believe) who is searching *especially* for information on Smite at least _notice_ when Ii am talking to her that I am holding said spear at the time?
  7. Yep: the other two are both completed and rewarded, but still nothing from the Ward. Been back to the ruined keep, killed off the underground bandits ages ago. Looks like a bug to me; email Jeff?
  8. Not exactly a real problem, but a surprise: Avernum is a battery/CPU *hog*! Not running Avernum, I get 4-5 hours on my MBP battery (web browser, Word, email, whatever). Start up Avernum and it goes to <1 hour, with Activity Monitor reporting constant >100% CPU usage, fan constantly on, and machine burning up. What on earth is it doing?
  9. Huh. The quest text says 'Ward Allison of the spire has been tasked... ...report to Allison for a bounty.' There were some other raider quests that I've already ticked off, but this one looks pretty clear.. no?
  10. OK, what am I missing? Ward Allison is not giving me a dialogue to complete this quest. I had already killed all the bandits before I got to her, but that's not usually an issue - am I missing something?
  11. I was happy to see that the effort I went to to *not* kill off the village meant, in the endgame text, that they were noted as having occupied the fortress and survived.
  12. Aha. Well, honestly, that was annoying; persistence is only punished. But a fairly mild annoyance, I guess. Edit: in fact done before above advice; but thanks nonetheless!
  13. Tried the hansel & gretel approach of leaving 'breadcrumbs' - dropped food - and it's a 4-location cycle... but now what?
  14. I second the stair frustration. Pretty sure that there are no hidden switches. Been down ten times, up ten times, tried two-down, one-up and other stuff. Could Nathalie not have left a clue?
  15. Thanks. Don't know why I had that blindspot, but I did .
  16. In that vein - - when I am sent back ('The Lower Cells' quest) I can descend a couple of levels, but then go down stairs and find a gate with no wheel or (that I can see) switch. Hand Callan does not give me a dialogue option for completion, so I assume that I have to get past this... what am I missing? Thanks!
  17. Wow. Stuff really works, huh? I had what I expect is the normal highly-sceptical approach here, so did not use it until almost at endgame; from that limited experience, it looked as though the time for which benefits lasted got rapidly shorter (and I assume would soon move into needing to take the drug to avoid *loss* of baseline abilities) - correct? What does withdrawal do? [i killed the dealers before I observed the 'drug dealing for xp' exploit noted here, but accumulated ~70 skribbane that I could never bring myself to sell for cash. Odd when I was happily slaughtering, I know.]
  18. Least favourite would be either the final battle (because the sudden, anticlimactic ending annoyed me as a big let-down after an excellent game) or the rebel Vahnatai (because it just seemed so silly: if he has an impenetrable shield usable at will until I stand where he wants, how come no-one else does?). Favourite probably the anvil, like others; I enjoyed the mass battles against Slith horde with copious use of Spineshield and divind retribution, though, also . And taking down Gladwell felt very just. I was sad to see that I could not get back in the spiders' good graces for doing so, though - would have been nice to be able to return the spider's egg.
  19. If, after meeting Melanchion, one decides to attack him: he turns (of course) red, but his followers do not. And there is time for two of them to join the party in attacking the dragon before everything goes bad :-).
  20. Aha. I think I have figured out the problem: there must be damage thresholds that he has to cross to trigger each teleportation, and if he gets damaged too much too early (i.e. before second leap), Hirickis doesn't heal up enough to be able to make the third downward crossing in health. So just take the fight a little more slowly and it should work - at least it just did for me.
  21. Hmm. Even reverting to a previous save and re-entering the area gives the same problem. Odd.
  22. I'm having this same problem right now. I've tried getting out of LOS and ending combat, etc., but to no avail. Looks like a bug - any suggestions?
  23. Hmm. That didn't seem to happen - but eventually the 'turncoat' creations went off in other directions and the block was lost. No big deal.
  24. Now fighting for Ghaldring, and picked Taygen as the most deserving first victim. Went to the Oasis, and he attempted to flee... but by that time his own creations that had turned on him blocked one exit from his throne room, and I plus two friends blocked the second. So he's sitting at zero health but apparently unkillable. [Yes, I have seen the 'spoiler' that he will flee to the Spire. Just an odd event.]
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