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  1. Paused for a minute as I struggled to put together that 2012 was actually eight years ago now. At any rate, I've done up my numbers again since I thought to check it. If I omit 2017, that makes pleasant four year gaps between the data points.
  2. Notwithstanding that original members would be 127, that convention seems to reasonably follow changes in technology and the retention of people within a community.
  3. What's the conversion rate for IRL years to internet years?
  4. "2012 Assertiveness 96" Hello again overcompensation. It would appear I have become more introverted and neurotic, but less of a jerk. Yay ^-^
  5. At this point, the science is so clear that denying trans people is pretty close to the same thing as being a flat earther. But, heavens, I wouldn't want to be toxic.
  6. Thanks Slarty, that's interesting. I definitely did not think CalRef LGBT would be poorer and come from poorer families than their peers. I miiight say that the education average, in years, could be because the site's demographics are, on average, younger than those for Spiderweb? Which could also contribute to the current wealth comparison.
  7. I certainly hope it's not that bad. But CalRef does have a higher LGBT population and that does seem to affect family relationships and what opportunities there are. I'm sure we would get an obvious answer if you had asked something like "how much would your family want to contribute to your education?" Well, none, obviously, so I'm working a low-wage job without a car at the moment. Naturally people in similar positions tend to cling together because they can relate. Like I said before, I used to spend forever doing games every single day, and I still hold my personal collection of them to be very dear to me. On the other hand, even though I have more or less the same opportunity and available time that I used to, I'm not really inclined. I'd much rather spend the time socialising. Some of that is just where I am in my life right now and the factors that add to that, transitioning is definitely one of them, but I know that isn't exactly the case for everyone. Say no more, Slarty.
  8. My mode of transportation is walking across the street to work unless I need to get a $5 pass to go somewhere for the day. I see burnt isn't listed. I seriously don't know how to answer this question because there have been times where Steam has said 120 hours last two weeks and I woke up one day and all I did was Warframe. But I'm not really as much into escapism the last few months, and all of my free time has been spent talking to my friends [and not being miserable for once]. Steam says 6 hours last two weeks, so maybe this is the new normal?
  9. I doubt very much that any statistically examination of how many trans people there are in the US will have any degree of accuracy at this point. I mean, if a creepy survey person asked me if I was trans, I would say "No, I don't want to be sent to a concentration camp in Kansas. It's nice of you to ask, thanks." So I'm not sure how that number is derived.
  10. Yeah, this is me too. I've changed so much from where I first got here, past me would not be able to recognise me now. Nor would old me believe you for a second if you would say where I am in life right now. All I can say is that I ended up talking to everyone here and sticking around because they seemed so much better than any other place I'd been. They're less intense, friendlier, and like the things I like. Even when our interests don't line up, it's still rewarding and I'm more likely to have deeper conversations than people I've met elsewhere. I don't know if that means those people are more likely to be trans, but obviously that doesn't change things for me either way. It's just how things ended up ^-^
  11. I mean, another theory is just that it's something that seems like it's okay to talk about here now? There's a few other forums for games I go to, but I obviously don't plan on talking about it there. Like, I've been frequenting this site for ten years, and I still didn't really plan on saying anything. But there might not be any harm to it, so I did.
  12. Oh god, I'm a communist. You are a: Communist Interventionist Bleeding-Heart Progressive Collectivism score: 100% Authoritarianism score: 0% Internationalism score: 33% Tribalism score: -100% Liberalism score: 67%
  13. Sorry for that, I've had some sleep now. Best guess for ten most full connections: Tyranicus: 15 Dikiyoba: 14 Iffy: 12 Nicothodes: 11 Neb: 11 Sylae: 11 Nalyd: 10 Nikki: 10 Actaeon: 8 Lauren: 8
  14. Sorry, I'm rather delirious from staying up all night, I've might have missed stuff. Should be updated now, let me know if I've messed up anything else.
  15. Nikki was here in Ohio and met me, Sy, Bard, Nalyd, and Iffy. I guess we forgot to take a group picture.
  16. Huh, I also got married today. Weird.
  17. I don't really have a permanent address at the moment, but I will have moved to Ireland four months from now, so that might make British Isles the best answer.
  18. If it's any consolation, I will probably meet Tyranicus at some point. Timing just didn't work out for this one.
  19. I was going to skip posting, but I unexpectedly saw I had done this before! Now I can copy Sy!
  20. Iffy and I met Vergil when he was visiting in Colorado Springs. He's been living in Quebec for school, but it's just school. He's from Maryland, so maybe it's better to put him in DC?
  21. I donno. Seems like "Redskin" is a racial slur. Racial slurs are bad. The name and mascot of the Washington Redskins are easily considered an inappropriate stereotype / degradation in the current era. They should, perhaps, reconsider using those things as their trademark. I will now return to letting Kelandon make all the good points.
  22. I don't have quite as much going on here as I used to, but yeah, we have a lot of computers here. I haven't saved a lot of the specs and I doubt anyone cares for random trivia, so the thirty second summary: A - The laptop I used when I came here in 2008. It was used with a dial-up modem on top of a bag of ice because the modem would die it the laptop went over about 30 degrees C. I mailed it to Iffy in 2011 and got it back when I moved years later. I don't think it had more than 1.6Ghz or so on a single core. B - I got this laptop as a donation to use for BOINC because the screen was broken and most of the RAM was bad. Honestly, I don't remember a lot about it because it became spare parts. D - This was also a BOINC donation PC that I had to leave behind when I moved. I want to say dual 2.4? E - I don't remember this one at all. F - The first named computer, named so before the alphabet naming convention. This computer saw thousands of Geneforge and Age of Empires hours. It spent most of its time. Dual core 2.1 Ghz G - This was a 300 Mhz laptop that I ended up deprecating because it just wasn't worth the electricity it cost to run. H - The first decent computer I built...on a budget. 4 core 3.4Ghz I - This is a tablet. J - This was Sy's ancient and horrible computer. It was basically G if G was a PC. K - This is my current computer. 8 core 3.8Ghz. L - This is Iffy's computer, made from spare parts. dual 3.4 Obligatory Chart Red dots=death dates Yellow boxes=when I built them (or bought them if they weren't PCs)
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