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  1. Quote: Originally written by Wizard: in Geneforge folder there is Data folder. Inside the data folder there is GFPrefs file; delete it and you can use the codes again; but if you have registered version this will un-register it; contact Jeff then for new key You can also do it by hex-editting, which does not un-register the game. Since we're not allowed to discuss it here, please check your private message (click on "my profile" and look for "Incoming Private Messages").
  2. As for blocking malicious "Cookeis," you can also try this: Assuming that you're using IE 6.0, go to Tools->Internet Options-> Privacy. Change Settings to "Block All Cookies." If a website that you ABSOLUTELY have to use and it uses Cookies to store username and password (e.g. Hotmail), lower the defenses to "Medium-High" for that site. Don't forget to add the following to the "Web Sites" list under "Privacy" (if you're not sure whether the web page where the cookies are coming from is a .com or a .net, simply add both): doubleclick.net gator.com fastclick.ne
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Zephyr Tempest, The Mindwarrior: My computer always makes any zip files I download into worthless bmp files! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!? Wait, did the file download correctly? If yes, why not try "renaming" the file to a .zip? (In case you don't know how: 1. Click on the file. 2. Press F2 to rename the file. 3. Type in the new file name (e.g. "file.zip"). 4. Press enter.)
  4. Quote: Originally posted by The Stew Boy: I'm running it on Windows XP. On my other Windows XP it worked fine, but on this one it refused to. Try the following solutions: 1. Download DirectX 9 From Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/directx 2. Set the "Compatibility Options" of the game to "Windows Me."
  5. Try downloading DirectX 9 from Microsoft: www.microsoft.com/directx
  6. Quote: Originally posted by ef: I have run that demo on a Pentium I, a Pentium II and my current custom made AMD. With windows 95, 98 and 2000. It never crashed. Should you use XP, that can be fairly unpredictable at times. I hear that there are patches for a better compatibility, especially with older games. I think Win XP users can set the compatibility options for BoE to running in "Windows Me" mode (since the games works fine on WinMe).
  7. Quote: Originally posted by MtSlayer: Heh, np. For some reason turning off my sound stopped the bug, but it's still definitely a little weird. That means the problem is more likely to be on your sound card/driver. Try checking the sound card vendor's website for an updated driver or replacing the sound card. DirectX can also be part of the problem. Try downloading it at http://www.microsoft.com/directx Good luck!
  8. Or if you are too lazy to wait for Jeff's Eamil (since deleting Avernum3.dat un-registers the game), try hex-editing. (See your Private message for details. To read a private message, click on "My Profile" and scroll down.)
  9. y0d1n2a3

    E1/2 help!

    Quote: Originally posted by stranger: You mean "Plug and Play"? Yeah, you're right... (You know, Windows is NOT case-sensitive.) EDIT: Oops, I get what you're saying now. That "Play and Play" was a typo.
  10. y0d1n2a3

    E1/2 help!

    If your computer is a Windows, try the following: 1. Change your monitor to "Play And Play Monitor" under Cnotrol Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/Monitor. Restart the computer and then try again. 2. Download an updated version of Display adapter and/or monitor.
  11. Try installing the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/directx
  12. Quote: Originally posted by the eyeball kid: You should still be able to minimize it by right-clicking on the task bar thing. This doesn't apply to A3. However, you can try the following: If your keyboard has a key that has the icon of Windows on it, hold that button down and then press D. Then, release both keys. Doing so should force A3 to minimize. WARNING: If you restore another window or run another program, A3 will automatically be restored. (You can cover it with another program, though.)
  13. I'm not sure if anyone had mentioned this before, but see if this bug occurs to any of you: 1) In the Windows version of A3, your party will refuse to eat "fine meal" even though it's marked as food. Maybe they refuse to eat it because it's too good 2) "Fine Clothes" has the graphics of robes, yet you can't wear it because the game does not treat it as armor. ;p
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Akeipas: I only pressed it once then later on when I pressed back button on a different forum it said thank you for posting and caused a double post of the earlier post! To prevent this from happening, try double-clickihng the "Back" button. If you still get the double post bug, press the arrow next to "Back" (if you're using IE) or right-click on back (for Netscape Users) and then click on the second or third page (the one before you post). EDIT: Alternate solution: When you see the page that says "Thank you for posting," bang the "STOP" button and click back
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